The Best Times To Use An Immersion Blender In Place Of A Hand Mixer

Choosing the right tool for the right task in the kitchen makes cooking easier. Whether you are an experienced cook or just starting to learn the ropes, it can be challenging to understand what type of mixing device is right for the task at hand. Immersion blenders and hand mixers are both easy to store and bring out for tasks that don't require a heavy-duty motor, and they can both be used for mixing and whipping directly in a pot or bowl. However, there's one important distinction between them: The immersion blender chops while it mixes.

The business end of a hand mixer is more similar to a whisk, while the immersion blender has sharp blades like a countertop blender. The whisking action is perfect for adding air to make batters fluffy, or lightly folding ingredients together at low speed. The blades of an immersion blender will cut through ingredients while mixing them. So, when you don't want the ingredients you are mixing to be chopped up, choose a hand mixer, and vice versa.

Choose an immersion blender for purees and tight spots

The immersion blender's long, slim shape effortlessly dives into tall glasses or containers, allowing you to emulsify salad dressings directly in a storage jar. When tackling dense mixtures, such as homemade salsa or chunky vegetable soups, the immersion blender allows for precise control and customization, producing just the right texture without turning the entire mixture into a uniform puree. One of the immersion blender's standout applications is creating velvety soups and sauces directly in the cooking pot. Denser whipped creations are also possible by holding the immersion blender head near the surface of a liquid to incorporate air.

The hand mixer is a baker's best friend. When tackling recipes that need aeration, such as whipped cream or meringues, the hand mixer's ability to incorporate air efficiently ensures the best light and fluffy texture. This makes it a go-to tool for achieving the perfect peaks and consistency in a variety of culinary creations. The dual whisking heads can also pull apart cooked meat without pureeing it to make pulled pork or shredded chicken effortlessly.

Both devices are mixing champions and can blend and even whip. Reach for the immersion blender when you need blending and chopping, and the hand mixer when maximum air volume is needed. You'll find that they are both indispensable tools!