Peppermint Candy Shot Glasses Are The Perfect Way To Close Out The Holidays

As the holiday season winds down, there's no better way to bid it farewell than with a creative and festive twist. Peppermint candy shot glasses are the perfect way to close out the holidays. These viral and sensational creations — born from an era of booming social media food hacks and trends — offer a fun and festive way to enjoy your favorite holiday beverages. Once crafted and ready to use as minty shot glasses, pour in some eggnog, vodka, seltzer, chocolate milk, Bailey's, or Coquito. And why stop at beverages? Use these cute edible "glasses" to hold your desserts, like puddings, jellies, and mousses. 

Making these shot glasses is surprisingly straightforward, and there are two ways to approach them. The first way is to use a silicone mold. Begin by preheating your oven to 350 F. Then, unwrap your peppermint candies and arrange them around the mold tube, ensuring that two to three mints are stacked on top for stability. The mints should also crowd each other in the mold. Bake the mints until they melt and take on the shape of the mold, which takes about 15 minutes. Once cooled and hardened, these peppermint shot glasses are ready to serve your chosen holiday drink, just don't break your teeth on them. 

How to craft peppermint shot glasses without a silicone mold

Don't have a silicone mold? Don't despair. There's a moldless way to create these festive peppermint candy shot glasses. Begin by preheating your oven to a lower temperature, say 300 F. Arrange the peppermint candies on a parchment-lined baking sheet, positioning about 7 of them in a hexagonal shape, as per Bobby Boyd Living. Bake for approximately 11 minutes, but be prepared for a different outcome than the silicone mold method. These peppermint "glasses" may turn out shallower and thicker, offering just enough room for a single sip of your favorite holiday drink. We recommend trying the silicone mold method first.

While crafting these glasses can be a delightful holiday activity, it's worth noting that they can be a bit sticky to handle, as some commenters on social media have pointed out. This stickiness can be a part of the charm, but it's an excellent reminder to serve cold drinks in these peppermint shot glasses. Hot beverages might lead to a melty, sticky situation, which is not ideal for maintaining the shape and integrity of the glasses. So, if you have extra time on your hands, aren't already stressed out during the holiday season, and are looking for a touch of festive whimsy, make these peppermint candy shot glasses. Fans of peppermint flavor and your guests will be in awe.