Add Peppermint Candy For The Ultimate Christmas Brownies

Can you get sick of Christmas cookies? We won't say it's common — especially with recipes like our easy Christmas shortbread — but it can happen. So, if you have finally hit your cookie limit, we recommend giving Christmas brownies a try. Brownies are easy to make and delightful to devour. While they may seem plain at first, you can easily elevate your brownies with add-ins of a festive nature — namely, peppermint candy.

Peppermint candy is the perfect way to give brownies a Christmas makeover. The bright white base and ruby red stripes contrast well with the dark backdrop of the brownie itself. In addition, the flavor combination of mint and chocolate is one known for its appeal — from mint chocolate chip ice cream to Frango mints and peppermint patties. The refreshing zing of the mint cuts through the intensity of the chocolate, while the richness of the chocolate balances out the sugariness of the peppermint candy, creating the perfect bite.

Incorporate peppermint candies in creative ways

There are a few different approaches for combining peppermint candies with your Christmas brownies. Which one you choose will depend on whether you're using them mainly for flavor or appearance. If flavor is your priority, the best way to make the most of mint is by infusing a syrup or a glaze with a strong peppermint flavor, and mixing it into the batter or spreading it on top before popping the pan in the oven. If you prefer to emphasize a festive appearance, we recommend adding whole peppermint rounds on top of your brownies for a decorative touch that can't be ignored. To get the best of both worlds, you can use multiple techniques at once, or try mixing crushed candy canes into the batter or sprinkling them atop the brownies. This will add flavor to the finished product while still leaving some candy visible.

Don't be afraid to add other mix-ins alongside the peppermint candy. This is a great way to express yourself and create your ultimate Christmas brownie. Our favorite upgrades are white chocolate chips for additional contrast and sweetness, or espresso powder for a sophisticated mint mocha flavor.