Pizza Oatmeal Is The Unlikely Mashup For A Super Simple, Flavor-Packed Meal

You might typically think of oatmeal toppings to lean on the sweeter side, and while it's true that things such as fruit and peanut butter tend to rank as the most popular toppings for the grains, oatmeal is the perfect blank canvas to get creative for breakfast. Next time you make yourself a bowl of oatmeal, consider using pizza-inspired toppings for a flavorful, fun meal. Pizza oatmeal is exactly what it sounds like – oatmeal topped with the same toppings you might find on a pizza. The best part of this meal is that it's completely customizable, just like your favorite pizza.

After you cook your oatmeal to your liking, you can begin your pizza process by either adding a top layer of tomato sauce or stirring tomato sauce into your oats, for a saucier experience. If you don't have tomato sauce on hand, chopped cherry tomatoes or even diced tomatoes work as well. This meal isn't about perfecting a recipe, it's about making a delicious breakfast with what you have on hand. You can even stir in things like Italian seasonings or garlic powder for a deeper flavor profile that more closely resembles pizza. Other toppings include cheese, meats, veggies, and other sauces you may top your pizza with like ranch or hot sauce.

Topping ideas for your pizza oatmeal

The easiest way to come up with a delicious topping combination for your pizza oatmeal is to use your typical pizza order. Whether you order meat lovers, a veggie delight, or even plain cheese, all of these specialty pizzas can be translated into oatmeal form with ease. It's recommended to add your other toppings before your cheese so your cheese can evenly melt across the entire oatmeal. When thinking of what cheese to add to your pizza oatmeal you can't go wrong with shredded mozzarella, which is the most traditional cheese on pizza. But if you don't have mozzarella, provolone, white cheddar or even havarti can all be great choices as well. All of these cheeses will melt easily, giving you the gooey cheese pull you'd normally find on pizza.

For meats and veggies, you can get more experimental. Try going for a Hawaiian-inspired pizza using chunks of pineapple and ham for a savory sweet breakfast. Or add a thick layer of pepperoni for a lightly spicy, meat-forward meal. You can get your toppings warm and more like pizza by either microwaving them for a few minutes or by putting your oatmeal in an oven-safe dish and baking your pizza oatmeal for a few minutes.