The Ideal Type Of Cheese To Use In Steak Pinwheels

If you're making steak pinwheels, flank steak tends to work well — but steak is only part of the equation. Equally important to these meat-based roll-ups? Your choice of cheese, which brings the whole pinwheel together. You've probably seen — or tasted — sliced provolone and spinach in a pinwheel. However, provolone is not your only option — nor is it necessarily the right one. Rather, steak pinwheels work with a medley of cheeses, so the best cheese is simply the one you like the most. 

Indeed, many steak pinwheel recipes mix and match the dairy. Steak pinwheels have actually exploded all over TikTok, where creative combinations of cheeses merge varying textures and flavors. Consider the combination of crumbly blue cheese and shredded parmesan if you want a pinwheel with oomph. Or, stick with a classic mozzarella addition for an Italian twist. Of course, you can always keep things simple yet successful with tried-and-true provolone. Generally, provolone is a great option for pinwheels because it melts well, thereby melding your cheese with your meat. However, you can easily incorporate other cheeses known to melt, like Swiss or cheddar.  

Given the versatility of pinwheel cheeses, you can get creative with your recipes. But no matter which one you add, you'll generally follow the same methodology to ensure the success of your pinwheels.

Experiment with your favorite flavors for a personalized pinwheel

The key to pinwheels — other than the main ingredients — is their shape. Once you've settled on a cheese or two, you'll want to sprinkle it or layer it over your flank steak. This step requires some groundwork; most pinwheel recipes call for home cooks to butterfly, then pound, their flank steak. As such, you'll want to take some extra time to perfect your steak's shape before you add any cheese.

From there, you can also consider incorporating other ingredients — like the ones you've seen on TikTok. Spinach, for instance, tends to be traditional in steak pinwheel recipes. However, anything that pairs well with steak and cheese is fair game. Think: sun-dried tomatoes, bacon, pesto, or other vegetables. The cheese is just your starting point, so now's the time to get creative. 

Once you've added your ingredients, roll the whole things together. Then, divide and cut your pinwheel into sections before cooking. Regardless of your recipe's specifics, the flavors of your chosen cheese will merge with your steak, resulting in a mouthwatering meal.