Use A Muffin Tin To Make Snackable Shepherd's Pies

As delicious as a simple shepherd's pie recipe might be, we understand there are reasons you might want to make this dish easier to dole out, portion into individual servings, or present in a more aesthetic way to the guests sitting at your dinner table. Enter muffin tins, a convenient culinary hack to help you prepare your favorite shepherd's pie recipes in hand-held pieces. Not only can you accommodate a variety of dietary preferences in one pan, but making these cupcake-sized portions in advance can help ensure you have more time to socialize with the guests at your dinner parties as these individual portions can be kept in airtight containers for several days.

Similar to making a regular shepherd's pie, coat your muffin tin with cooking spray, press mashed potatoes down into the bottom of each slot, and mold the starchy base around the sides. The potatoes will be baked until brown and serve as the base for the rest of your chosen fillings. 

Convenient portion control

Whether you've prepared a meat-laden recipe with lamb, vegetables, and fresh herbs or have planned a spicy, mushroom-based meal for tonight's Meatless Monday dinner, scoop your meat or veggie filling into each potato divot. The baked potatoes will offer a sturdy base for your chosen fillings and be easy to remove from the muffin tin once fully cooked. 

For perfectly seasoned and easy-to-grab pies, cover the entirety of the muffin tin with aluminum foil before popping the tray back into the oven for an additional bake. After about 10 minutes, your mini shepherd's pies should be ready to be cooled and served, making your role as host a breeze. Consider yourself warned, however: Once you've tried this satisfying recipe, you may find yourself adding these individual pies to your regular rotation of meals or sneaking one or two for snack time. Your house will smell delicious, and your mouth will begin to water long before you take your first bite of this filling comfort recipe.