No Bowl, No Problem. You Can Cook Instant Oatmeal In The Packet

For moments you don't have a bowl readily available — think overnight camping trips, the morning after a big party, or an afternoon when you just can't be bothered reaching for a clean dish — the package your instant oatmeal comes in can double as a container. Though you'll want to test the packet with warm water before dumping the full amount of hot water into the open bag, many companies have manufactured the paper that holds instant oatmeal with a waterproof seal. 

To convert an instant oatmeal package into a quick container, turn the package upside down and tear along the crease. The thicker topmost portion of the package will serve as the bottom of your makeshift bowl. While this might not be a regular go-to move to enjoy your usual morning oatmeal, the convenience can be useful on long car trips or during late nights spent combing through text in the office.

Making good use of what you have

Hold the oatmeal package carefully as you pour hot water into the torn packet and wait a few minutes to let the water soak into the instant oats. As difficult as it might be, particularly when hunger strikes, try to refrain from gobbling up your instant oats immediately and stir the oats before digging in. If you're feeling fancy, add a handful of dried fruit like raisins or banana slices, dash a sprinkle of cinnamon, mix in a spoonful of peanut butter, or pinch a bit of extra salt to dress up your quickly prepared sustenance.

Though eating out of a package may not be the same kind of experience as leisurely enjoying a perfect bowl of morning oatmeal at your kitchen table, you can satisfactorily munch your snack while marveling at your quick-thinking ingenuity. After all, the best cooks make use of what they are dealt with in the kitchen — no matter where they are in the world.