Avocado Skins Are The Unexpected Key To Richer Corn On The Cob

The only thing better than grilled corn on the cob is corn on the cob that has been smeared with the leftover remnants found on an avocado skin. Corn on the cob is delicious naked and simply sublime smothered in butter, but if you want a richer bite, that smudge of mushy avocado rubbed all over a cob of corn is going to help you achieve this. 

Avocado is rich in fat and when the creamy green fruit touches the warm corn, you get a melting effect that is similar to butter, but with more flavor. This is especially true when you sprinkle a little salt over it. This seasoning brings out the flavors of both the avocado and the corn which complement each other in a big way. Simply rub those avocado peels that still have a little fruit left in them over your grilled or boiled corn.

Make an avocado butter

Of course, while using avocado skins that have had most of their fruit scooped out offers an easy way to use those lonely bits that would otherwise go to waste, per Lifehacker, you could also set aside some extra mashed avocado or guacamole and designate it strictly for corn on the cob use. Guacamole will bring a lot of flavors with it that would taste lovely on your corn. 

However, if giving up the butter for the avocado has you worried that you will not get that same buttery taste on your corn on the cob, you could make an avocado butter and use it the same way. At its most basic, avocado butter is made of mashed avocado, softened butter, and lime juice. It's creamy, savory, and will send your taste buds into a state of nirvana. It's also great for your morning toast or even on top of a burger. You can even use it to finish a grilled steak and increase its richness and add to its texture.