Canned Tomato Soup Is The Secret Weapon For Tastier Taco Meat

You've got the tortillas, you've loaded up on cheese, and you have the black beans, peppers, and shredded lettuce ready to go. Now all that's left to kick up your taco night is...some tomato soup? It might sound surprising, but hear us out. While you may depend on canned tomato soup to pair with grilled cheese sandwiches on cozy winter nights, the classic comfort food can be used in plenty of creative ways. For one thing, it's the ingredient you didn't know you needed when it comes to upgrading your taco meat.

No matter how many tasty toppings you've prepared, a taco is only ever as good as its main meaty filling. Unfortunately, cooking up lean ground beef or ground turkey for your tacos can easily lead to a dry, crumbly, and flavorless result. But there's an easy way to remedy that. For extra flavorful taco meat, crank open that can of tomato soup.

Not only will the liquid soup help infuse some rich and slightly sweet tomato flavoring into the meat, but it's also a healthy way to ensure that your taco's protein component is perfectly juicy and moist, especially if you opt for ground meat with a lower fat content. Better yet, the mostly mild footprint of plain tomato soup leaves the canvas clear for spicier or more intense flavors, so you can still easily incorporate a taco seasoning blend or other spices into your dish.

It's a quick and no-fuss addition to your taco recipe

The best part about adding tomato soup to your taco meat, however, is that it requires little fuss and just tacks on a few extra minutes to your cooking time. Despite its simplicity, the addition is sure to pack a delicious punch in any taco recipe.

Wondering how you can apply this genius taco hack? After you've cooked up your ground beef or turkey, you can simply add a whole can of tomato soup to your pan. If you'd like to incorporate some chunky veggies into the mix, you can also throw in a few spoonfuls of store-bought salsa. At this point, you can stir various spices or pre-packaged taco seasoning into the meat as well. Then, heat it all over a low flame until the blend has reached a bubbly simmer. Once the soup, spices, and salsa are warmed up and well-incorporated into your ground meat, you'll be left with a moist and flavorful filling that's guaranteed to take taco night up a few notches.

So, the next time you find a forgotten can of tomato soup in the back of your cupboard, skip the basic sandwich combo and opt instead for a sizzling dinner idea that'll surprise and delight the whole family. And don't worry, you can still enjoy the gooey cheese with your tomato soup — simply sprinkle it on top of your tacos! We'd call that a comfort food remix.