Maple Syrup And Mustard Are The Ultimate Sauce Combo For Bold, Sweet Heat

When some flavors come together they develop superpowers your taste buds never knew they had. This is the case with the mustard you use on your favorite sandwich and the maple syrup you drizzle onto your stack of buttermilk pancakes. Separately, each ingredient is amazing, but put them together and sweet meets tangy, transforming into a sauce that satisfies the sweet tooth while bringing a savory, spicy burn. These two condiments prove that opposites attract and produce something even more complex. 

Mustard's acidic and pungent nature contrasts with maple syrup's sugary, caramelized flavor, adding a new depth that neither has separately. But what you are going to love about this combo is the diversity of flavor and texture your mustards can add. From smokey sweet to fiery hot to grainy or smooth, there are plenty of options to create a maple syrup and mustard sauce that meets your palate's desire and your recipe's needs. 

Mustard up

The first thing to consider is how you plan to use this sauce. It's pretty versatile and can really amp up the flavor depending on what you are cooking. Your maple syrup mustard sauce can be used as a key component of a dish to drizzle over meats, proteins, and rice; as a marinade for your fish and poultry; or more like a condiment for a sandwich. It can also take the form of a sweet and savory element for your chicken and waffles if your mouth is in the mood for a bite on the wild side. And of course, it is the perfect dipping sauce for your chicken tenders. 

When choosing the mustard you want to add with that sweet maple syrup consider the taste and texture of your yellow condiment. A whole-grain mustard is going to add both heat and a nice crunch when paired with your golden syrup. A Dijon or yellow mustard is going to add a bold, tangy, and intense flavor with a smooth consistency while a honey mustard is going to be even sweeter when mixed with maple syrup. And don't forget those specialty mustards that contain ingredients like horseradish that are going to really challenge your spice tolerance.