Skip The Pineapple And Add Blackberries To Your Next Pizza

Move over, pineapple, there's a new fruity pizza topping in town. Though pineapple might often be a contentious pizza topping, blackberries have yet to receive equal debate. This tartly sweet fruit can be the perfect compromise for those who insist that pineapple belongs nowhere near a pizza and those who believe fruit has a significant place on top of a pie

While berries can make a fine addition to summertime dessert pies, the inclusion also has its place on top of warm, cheesy pizzas. Adding blackberries to saucy slices is like enjoying your favorite charcuterie items in pizza form. From pairing the sweetness of blackberries with fresh mozzarella and basil to creating irresistible combinations with ricotta, parmesan, and fresh pieces of the fruit, bringing blackberries to your next pizza party will have you wondering why you did not try this kind of pizza recipe earlier.

Look to pair the subtle sweetness of tart blackberries with sharper, punchier pizza toppings. Basil, red pepper, and Italian sausage offer crowd-pleasing companions, or to bring out the sweeter tastes in your pie, drizzle honey or balsamic vinegar on top of your creations.

A feast for the senses

Not only will the ingredient add a juicy, flavorful bite to your pies, but blackberries may also send your culinary creativity to dizzying new heights when it comes to putting together a pizza at home. Once you've tried blackberry on pizza, you'll be dreaming of trying the ingredients with prosciutto, parmesan, caramelized onions, bacon bits, or goat cheese. Use fresh herbs like thyme to accentuate the contrast of flavors and add textural depth to your pizza recipes with crushed pieces of walnuts or pistachios.

To turn up the heat of your fruit-topped pies, sprinkle flakes of red peppers on top of the assembled pizzas, spoon chili crisp onto slices, or consider inviting swirls of your favorite hot sauces into the mix. When cooking with fresh, seasonal ingredients, you won't need much to serve up a flavorful pizza that will convert even the staunchest of fruit toppings skeptics sitting at your dinner table.