Spike Vinaigrette With Rosé To Give Your Dressing A Sharper Bite

Pink wine imbibers are about to have one more reason to chant rosé all day. This alcohol known for its blushing hue is just what your vinaigrette has been missing and will give you a sharper and pleasantly surprising bite. A simple vinaigrette is generally made up of vinegar, oil, some mustard, and seasonings all whisked together into a smooth emulsified dressing. But when you add a sweet rosé to a vinaigrette for a leafy green salad or a dry rosé for one that will be drizzled over fruit, the flavor is beyond your wildest vinaigrette dreams. 

A vinaigrette is all about balance so it is important to get the right ratio of rosé with the right amount of oil and acid. That acid can be in the form of vinegar or citrus juice and if you are adding rosé to the mix, lemon juice or even grapefruit juice can help you achieve that perfect balance and taste your mouth is hoping for. You will also find there is a new layer of complexity to your vinaigrette where sweet meets savory meets tangy.

What to pair it with

What type of salad pairs best with this rosé vinaigrette? The answer is really, what doesn't it taste good with?  This vinaigrette is going to partner well with a fruit salad where the sweet flavors will readily play off of each other or a green salad to offset any bitterness from any arugula or radicchio. But the consistency and versatility of this dressing will be delish with other foods beyond a salad. A drizzle of your rosé vinaigrette will also benefit your favorite, baked chicken recipe, and you should try it with grilled asparagus or seafood. 

To make your rosé vinaigrette, you will need the same basic ingredients that you would use to make a regulat vinaigrette. In addition your rosé wine, you will need some olive oil, Dijon mustard, garlic, and a little honey or sweetener of choice. Remember to taste your vinaigrette before you pour it over your salad. This will give you the opportunity to make any adjustments your taste buds might appreciate.