Horseradish Is The Unexpected Ingredient In Martha Stewart's Savory Applesauce

Martha Stewart doesn't horse around — that is unless she is making applesauce. The O.G. of entertaining adds horseradish and its fiery, bold flavor to this classic, fruity side to create the perfect combination of sweet and spicy. Tangy, pungent, horseradish may seem like an unlikely addition to sweet, simple applesauce, but that's exactly why it works. The two complement each other creating a savory, zesty flavor that clears the sinuses, yet is tempered by the natural sugar in the applesauce.

Stewart notes in her recipe that you can use prepared horseradish straight from the bottle. This is generally comprised of grated horseradish root, vinegar, oil, sugar, and a few spices. That said, if you prefer a serious burn, you can simply use grated horseradish and mix it straight into your applesauce; however, the heat is real so be cautious with how much you add. A little goes a long way. Surprisingly, the horseradish heat starts to weaken rather quickly, so eat up or add more to your fruit sauce if you plan to eat it as a leftover.

Pairings for horseradish applesauce

Stewart recommends serving your savory horseradish applesauce with roast pork or ham. The sweet and tangy elements of the sauce will not only enhance this salty, smoky meat, but it will bring all the flavors together for a complete experience for your taste buds. You can also switch out normal applesauce for horseradish applesauce when making the classic pork chops and applesauce. The horseradish will cut through some of that fatty richness and make each succulent bite that much more enjoyable.

But meat isn't your only option. You can also serve it alongside your potato pancakes or latkes to give them a little kick or as part of your next charcuterie board. The sweet and spicy contrast will be delicious with a number of cheeses like a sharp cheddar or a mild Swiss cheese. And speaking of cheese, horseradish applesauce on a grilled cheese sandwich takes this favorite to a whole new level. That fiery burst of flavor and sweet apple mixing with your favorite Gruyere or American cheese is next level.