Is It Possible To Make A Stack Of Pancakes With No Eggs?

Imagine waking up and craving a warm stack of pancakes only to discover you're out of eggs. Even though this scenario might seem like a breakfast disaster, it's actually an opportunity for you to explore the versatile world of egg-free pancakes. Contrary to popular belief, making a stack of pancakes with no eggs is possible, and it's quite easy to do.

In baking and cooking, the proteins in eggs serve as binders to hold all the wet and dry ingredients together in your cake, waffle, and pancake batters. This is the reason why you also find egg as an ingredient in some cookie recipes. However, you can still make these treats without using any eggs if you rely on a different ingredient to act as the binder. You could also allow for the flour in your recipe to absorb the milk or water in the batter. When mixed with the right amount of liquid and oil, the proteins in flour alone can provide enough binding to keep your pancake batter from falling apart on the griddle or frying pan. Just think of naan, noodles, and bread dough made simply with flour and liquid. They don't fall apart when cooked or baked. That said, without eggs your pancakes will turn out to be flatter and less fluffy, so we recommend you consider a substitute binder.

Baking powder and substitute binders rise to the occasion to make fluffy pancakes without eggs

There are a few ingredients that can take the place of eggs as the binder in your pancake batter. Our favorites include protein-heavy silken or soft tofu, flax "eggs" (ground flax seeds mixed with water), mashed bananas, ripe avocados, or apple sauce. There are also commercial vegan egg replacers designed for baking. These may come in powder form, requiring water or another liquid for activation, or bottled in ready-to-use liquid form.

A hallmark feature of a good pancake is its fluffiness, which is sometimes hard to achieve without eggs. To attain that coveted lift, one key ingredient comes into play: baking powder, the chemical leavening agent that gives rise to your baked goods. The right amount of baking powder can compensate for the absence of eggs. So either by going with substitutes, adding baking powder, or simply letting flour do the trick, mssing eggs doesn't have to mean missing out on a satisfying stack of pancakes.