Home-Canned Juice Is Your Answer To That Surplus Of Grapes

When you have a substantial amount of grapes, there are only so many times you can freeze them or construct charcuterie boards before you get tired of munching on them. Sure, they taste good, but when you have too many grapes, drinking them is the solution. Can your own grape juice to solve your surplus problem.

Turning your batch of grapes into sweet, tart fruit juice is a delicious way to reduce waste while finding creative ways to consume the grapes. While it is a slightly lengthy process, making your own fruit juice isn't difficult. With a good set of mason jars, a deep pot or canner, and some patience, you can have a supply of delicious fruit juice to last you for 18 months.

Place the grapes in a large pot and smash them before covering them with water. Allow them to boil until the skins soften. Line a container with cheesecloth and pour the grapes on top; once the grapes are finished dripping, cover the container and place it in the refrigerator. It will take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours for the sediment to sink to the bottom. While sterilizing your canning jars, strain the grape juice again. Pour the juice into the jars, leaving a bit of space at the top. Add it to boiling water in a pot or canner, ensuring that the jars are fully submerged. Allow them to process for 15 minutes before removing to cool.

Do you need to boil the grapes before canning?

Boiling the grapes in water before straining and refrigerating can be a two-day process, which not everyone wants to wait for. It's possible to add the grapes to sterilized jars straight away and pour boiling water right on top. However, it'll take even longer for you to enjoy your fresh grape juice. Since it takes time for the grapes to infuse the water with their flavor, it'll take three months before the grape juice is ready. While extra effort is involved, mashing and boiling the grapes is your best bet for faster grape juice.

Plus, the method allows you to add other fruits into the mix. The method for canning strawberries is pretty similar, so you can make the two together. After chopping the strawberries, boil and smash them with the grapes. Once they're strained and canned, you can drink the juice or use it to sweeten up your favorite drinks and cocktails. Stir it into your pitcher of refreshing red sangria or add a splash of strawberry-grape juice to the blender when making a frozen strawberry daiquiri cocktail.