Coat Your Waffle Iron In Bacon Grease For Subtly Savory Flavors

Waffles and bacon are the ultimate sweet and savory breakfast combo. From wrapping slivers of bacon into fluffy buttermilk Belgian waffles to dipping the crispy pork into the pool of maple syrup forming on the edge of the plate, the two foods just beg to be eaten together. And there's good news. There are more effective ways to infuse sweet waffles with meaty flavor besides simply dropping pieces of bacon onto your waffle before taking a bite.

You can pair bacon and waffles together in a more impactful way by coating your waffle iron in bacon grease. Using reserved bacon fat to grease the iron coats each waffle with a savory taste that isn't too overwhelming. With the grease being only on the iron and not mixed into the batter – although that would also taste incredible – the exterior of the waffle takes on a light, smoky, and meaty flavor.

When you make bacon, drain the fat into a container and store it in the fridge. Not only can you use the saved fat for waffles, but it works with maple bacon Brussels sprouts and gravy as well. Then, brush the bacon grease onto the waffle iron and play around with sweet and savory flavors when whipping up the batter. While maple syrup and bacon are already a perfect pair, cinnamon sugar or cayenne pepper can further highlight the meat's umami-rich flavor.

How to dress up your bacon grease waffles

Caramel-like, heady brown sugar and maple syrup provide layers of sweetness to fluffy waffles that will satisfy your sweet tooth. While syrup is a no-brainer topping for the doughy confection, mixing it into the batter infuses the entire waffle with its rich, sweet taste. Combined with the savory notes supplied by the bacon grease on the iron, your maple syrup and brown sugar bacon waffles will be a sweet and salty delight.

A hint of bacon grease is also perfect for bringing out the sweetness of a full-blown dessert waffle. Permeated with chocolate and cinnamon chips, bacon grease serves to enhance the rich, spicy tastes of the chocolate and cinnamon. Top off this syrupy waffle with cinnamon whipped cream and a dash of powdered sugar. Then, after cooking the bacon for its grease, tear it up and sprinkle it into a bowl of oatmeal to give the hearty food a salty side.

You can also lean into the savory side of bacon by using non-sweet ingredients for your waffle. Sprinkle cheddar into the batter to give your waffle hints of cheesy, tangy flavors. Add chopped chives as well to give the breakfast a pungent, herbaceous bite. Then, drizzle some hot honey on top to add a kick of heat to the sweetness. If you want to fully embrace savory toppings for waffles, make a cornbread waffle and eat it with chili or steak and eggs.