Pop Frozen Corn In The Air Fryer For A Quick Addition To Any Dish

Sweet, juicy yellow corn is a summertime favorite, but frozen corn is a modern miracle that helps us enjoy those sweet, juicy kernels year-round. Another more recent modern miracle is the air fryer, a small appliance that transforms practically any food item into a crispy, cooked, and flavorful version of itself in a matter of minutes. Combining these two modern commodities will render efficient, tasty, and unique results.

Frozen corn may already be cooked, but we usually boil, roast, or saute it to heat it up. At the very least, we thaw it in the fridge overnight before using it in a recipe. However, the air fryer will cut down cooking or thawing times by at least half while also imparting a delectable flavor and texture. Simply empty a bag of frozen corn into the fryer basket, spread the kernels in an even layer, dot with butter or drizzle with oil, and pop it into the air fryer preheated to 400 F. In a mere five to seven minutes, you'll have delightfully crispy corn with a chewy, juicy interior and a toasted, sweet taste reminiscent of roasted or grilled corn. You can use any combination of fat and seasonings to embellish frozen corn depending on how you serve it and the main dish it will accompany. You could even enjoy air-fryer corn as a warm snack.

Tips for air-fried frozen corn and how to enjoy it

Air-fried frozen corn has a depth of flavor and texture that would otherwise take much more time and effort to achieve. While the air-fryer is practically fool-proof, a few tips will ensure the best results. You'll need to preheat the air-fryer before adding the frozen corn, providing sizzling heat to efficiently and thoroughly crisp the corn while heating it through. Furthermore, since you're cooking and crisping the corn at high temperatures, you should coat the fryer basket with oil spray or butter to ensure the corn won't stick.

A simple salt and pepper seasoning is all you need to highlight corn's natural sweetness while also adding a savory twist. However, there are countless seasoning blends, herbs, and powdered aromatics to turn corn into an even more flavorful side dish. You could add tajin, cumin, and chili powder for a take on Mexican street corn, topping the dish with a squeeze of lime juice and a sprinkle of cotija or feta cheese. Air-fried corn would also make a delicious addition to soups and salads. You could top corn chowder with crispy air-fried corn kernels, or sprinkle them over an umami-rich bowl of ramen soup. They'd also make a nice toasted sweet complement to a bowl of zesty guacamole or homemade charred tomato salsa.