Elevate Scrambled Eggs With The Umami Flavors Of Pork Floss

You've just made a batch of scrambled eggs, and while they're delicious, you can't help but feel something's amiss. A touch of umami, a bit more texture, or both, perhaps. Then, it hits you. You remember that small tub of pork floss (肉鬆) you had recently picked up from a Chinese supermarket. This is your chance to elevate your scrambled eggs: Add pork floss to it. 

Pork floss is a staple in many East and Southeast Asian cuisines. Usually, you find it as a topping over white rice, tofu, noodles, or congee or as an ingredient in Chinese bakery buns or cakes. It is an umami-laden, subtly sweet, and savory ingredient that can elevate and transform a simple dish, like bland scrambled eggs. Made from pork meat stewed in soy sauce, sugar, and seasonings until it can be shredded, it's then cooked over low and dry heat to create a fluffy texture akin to brown and meaty cotton candy. 

Introducing pork floss to your scrambled eggs brings added texture, color, and flavor. Pork floss also comes ready to eat, so there's no need to cook it. Simply garnish your scrambled eggs with a generous sprinkling of pork floss, as you would adding sesame seeds, chopped chives, or scallions. Do note that pork floss is a dry ingredient, so its texture and look will change dramatically when wet.

Pork floss is a must-have pantry staple that elevates dishes beyond scrambled eggs

If you're wondering where to buy pork floss, you can usually find it in Chinese or Asian supermarkets like H-Mart, Uwajimaya, and 99 Ranch, and online at stores like Weee! and Amazon. As aforementioned, the application of pork floss in the kitchen goes far beyond scrambled eggs. Think of it as a garnish for various dishes, from savory to sweet. It will add a flavorful boost to your soups and salads. Use pork floss as a topping for your loaded baked potatoes. It even goes well on fluffy pancakes, pairing wonderfully with the sweetness of maple syrup.

Pork floss's appeal isn't just its convenience, taste, and texture; it also boasts an impressive shelf life. Thanks to its dry and fried nature, pork floss can be stored for months (some even say years or indefinitely) in an airtight container in a cool, dry place.

With its unique texture and rich flavor profile, pork floss is more than just a topping and garnishing; it's an ingredient and a staple you should stock up in your pantry to elevate dishes like scrambled eggs at a moment's notice.