Use Your Cheese Grater For An Elevated Egg Salad Experience

If you're looking for perfectly scoopable egg salad, you might want to consider using a cheese grater the next time you make a batch. Yes, you read that right, using a cheese grater as part of preparing your meal can give you small, fine pieces of egg that melt in your mouth and provide a creamy, emulsified texture. The way to achieve this is by grating your egg instead of mashing or chopping it. 

To do this, simply boil your eggs and let them fully cool before peeling off the shells. Then simply grate them like you would do to a carrot or a block of cheese and the result will be small, strings of hard-boiled eggs. After grating, be gentle when mixing them in with your other ingredients. You'll want to use a folding motion with a rubber spatula to combine your ingredients, which preserves the texture of the delicate eggs. Once your salad is mixed you're ready to put it on crackers, sandwiches, or just eat on its own.

Other ways to use grated eggs

Egg salad isn't the only dish that can get an upgrade from a cheese grater. You may have seen the viral TikTok hack for grating your eggs on top of avocado toast for a melt-in-your-mouth breakfast. This hack is super simple to do, just hold the kitchen tool over your avocado toast and grate the eggs until you have enough to your liking. If you're not the biggest fan of the hard-boiled egg taste on its own, you could also grate them and then mix the eggs with your avocado to create a protein-packed spread for sandwiches.

This hack is also great for including eggs in other traditional salads because it allows for even distribution in every bite. The small pieces of egg have a less prominent texture than a chopped hard-boiled version, making them the perfect addition. You could even try grating eggs into meals that typically don't have them, which will impart a richer flavor and create a heartier dish.