The Easy Trick To Divide Your Slow Cooker And Make 2 Things At Once

Your slow cooker can be one of your most versatile tools in the kitchen, whether you're using it to make a week of meal plan dinners, whipping up a hot dip for a party, or just want a low-effort, comforting meal. However, a downside of the slow cooker is that you typically have to commit to making just one dish at a time. Luckily, you can work around this problem using tools you probably already have in your kitchen. With heavy-duty tinfoil, you can create a makeshift, slow cooker divider that acts like a wall in your device.

This tinfoil wall splits your slow cooker into two chambers where you can cook two different dishes simultaneously. To form your wall, start with a large sheet of heavy-duty tinfoil. It's important to use heavy-duty for this trick because it'll be strong enough to withhold cooking and whatever ingredients you include. You want to use tinfoil that can hold its shape and stand on its own. Once you create a tinfoil wall that can snugly fit in the center of your slow cooker, take the wall out and line your device with a slow cooker liner. You can then re-insert your tinfoil wall and begin to add your desired ingredients.

Slow cooker combo dish ideas

With your new split slow cooker, there are endless combinations you can try for fun, easy meals. Using a split slow cooker for hot dips is one of the most popular uses of this hack. Perfect for your next holiday gathering or Super Bowl party, you can serve two unique dips to give your guests options. Try pairing a slow cooker spinach and artichoke dip and a buffalo chicken dip for two unique flavor experiences in one pot. Not only do you have the chance to tailor your dishes to have something all your guests will like, but this appetizer is mostly hands-free as well.

While hot dips may be the most popular choice, this isn't the only way you can use this hack. You can make a main dish and side at the same time that turns your next weeknight dinner into a breeze. Try pairing slow cooker baked beans with easy pulled pork for a barbecue-inspired dinner that comes together in a breeze. Just be cautious of different cooking times when making two dishes.

Some recipes require a longer time in the slow cooker than others. But you don't necessarily have to start cooking your two dishes at the same time and can easily add your second dish after the other one has cooked for a while.