Wrap Watermelon In Bacon For A Savory Twist On Your Favorite Fruit

You're preparing for your next social gathering, brainstorming innovative ways to surprise your guests. A eureka moment strikes as you recall the sweet and savory combo of prosciutto-wrapped melon and wonder, "Can I apply a fun, savory twist to other fruits?" The answer is a resounding yes. For your next party, try wrapping chunks of watermelon with bacon. (Imagine bacon-wrapped pigs in a blanket, but instead of hot dogs, the bacon blankets the watermelon.) This trick will elevate your sweet and juicy bites of fruit into savory and sweet snacks, complete with layers of texture and a multi-sensory experience with each bite.

The high water content of watermelon makes it a perfect fruit for wrapping in bacon and tossing into the air fryer or convection oven. The bacon cooks and crisps up, while the watermelon within remains tender. The result is an irresistible contrast in textures: crispy, savory bacon juxtaposed against cool, sweet, and juicy watermelon. These bacon-wrapped watermelon bites will be the ideal finger foods at your next party, bound to spark conversation among your guests. Making these incredible bite-sized sweet and savory snacks is a straightforward process.

How to easily craft and serve bacon-wrapped watermelon snacks

To create these delightful bacon-wrapped watermelon bites, begin by preheating your air fryer or convection oven. Cut your watermelon into bite-sized chunks, and wrap each chunk with bacon. There's room for creativity here; if you want to cut your watermelon into sticks instead of chunks, you can do that. Use toothpicks to secure the bacon to the watermelon, or simply place them seam-side down.

Move the bacon-wrapped watermelon pieces to the air fryer (use a baking sheet if they're going into the oven), ensuring that they're not overcrowded to allow for even cooking. The cook time may vary based on your appliance and the thickness of the bacon, but generally, you should aim for the bacon to be cooked through, nicely browned, and perfectly crispy.

Serve with garnishes like shredded basil, scallions, or chives and some parmesan or feta cheese. This snack will taste divine with a drizzle of honey or a pop of acidity from balsamic vinegar. These additions will enhance the taste, add to the visual appeal of your dish, and remove the need for a separate dipping sauce. Once you've perfected this recipe, try other fruits like bacon-wrapped melons or apples next. A fun snack and food hack like this is an invitation for you to be adventurous in your kitchen.