Corn Syrup Is The Key To Transforming Marshmallows Into Fluff

Marshmallow creme (or fluff) is an integral ingredient in some dessert recipes from cakes and cookies to fudge and pies. It works well in these recipes because it has the flavor and sweetness of traditional marshmallows, but it's easier to spread and work with when baking. When a recipe calls for this gooey fluff, you're probably used to grabbing a jar of it off the grocery store shelf. But if you already have a bag of marshmallows in the pantry, you can easily make a homemade batch of fluff with just one other ingredient: corn syrup.

In case you aren't aware, corn syrup is already in marshmallows, where it helps create their fluffy consistency and adds some sweetness. These are the same reasons why you need the ingredient to make your homemade fluff. The corn syrup will help the marshmallows melt into a fluffy cream without getting too sticky, so the end result remains easy to spread.

Turning marshmallows into fluff with corn syrup

There are two kinds of corn syrup: light and dark. For marshmallow fluff, some recipes specify using light corn syrup. The reason is likely twofold because light corn syrup has a milder sweetness, and it's clear so it will preserve the color of the marshmallows. That also means you can easily add a drop of food coloring if you want to give your recipe a festive flare with a pop of color.

How much corn syrup do you need? A single tablespoon of corn syrup for every 2 cups of marshmallows should be sufficient. And in case you're wondering, it doesn't matter if you use mini or jumbo marshmallows as long as the measurements are consistent. If you're concerned about high fructose corn syrup, most major corn syrup brands don't contain it, but you can use simple syrup, agave, or honey instead for a similar effect if you prefer. All that's left now is to carefully melt the marshmallows over low heat, combine them with corn syrup, and stir.