The Apple Slice Hack For Keeping Baked Goods Fresh

Love your baked goods and want to enjoy them longer before they dry out and no longer have that soft, pillowy texture you like to sink your teeth into? Then you are going to want to use an apple half to keep those breads, pound cakes, and cookies fresh. Apples are said to keep the doctor away, but as it turns out, this favorite fruit also keeps staleness at bay.

If you slice your apple right through the center and put half in an airtight container along with your baked goods, it can prolong that delicious taste from day one to day three. The idea behind this technique is the apple will release its moisture and your brownies, cakes, and other baked goods will absorb it, keeping them moist much longer than they would be without it. However, do make sure you inspect the apple daily to ensure it isn't getting mushy. 

Try a slice of bread

While this apple hack is one you should keep in your back pocket, be careful using it if you live in a warm and humid climate. Trapping moisture in with your banana bread or hummingbird cake could actually have the opposite effect and cause it to become moldy and unappetizing. Baked goods remain at their best when they are stored in a humidity that is under 50%. 

But why do baked goods go stale in the first place? The simple answer centers around the starches hardening and the moisture evaporating once your blueberry muffins or lemon scones are removed from the oven and become room temperature. If you aren't sold on the idea of throwing an apple into your airtight container with whatever you've spent hours mixing, rolling, and baking, you could use a piece of white bread instead. It, too, will sacrifice its moisture for your beloved cookies and muffins, and you do not have to worry about it imparting flavor onto your baked goods.