How Long Homemade Granola Lasts And The Best Way To Store It

With the many tasty ways you can enjoy granola, it's practical to make a batch for storing at home. Our homemade crunchy granola recipe takes only 35 minutes to make and leaves you with plenty of servings to enjoy, not just during breakfast but whenever you need something sweet, nutty, and crunchy.

Although granola is pantry-friendly, proper storage ensures it stays crisp and tasty. Part of knowing how to stash your homemade granola is being familiar with the stability of the ingredients you've used. Oats are quite shelf-stable due to their low moisture content, but the oils in the nuts and seeds can turn rancid when left exposed to heat and light. Granola can also become tough, chewy, and clumpy because of the moisture from the sweetener you use, whether it's honey, molasses, or brown sugar syrup. The dried fruits' quality decreases, too, as the oats absorb what little moisture they have.

When stored properly at room temperature, fresh homemade granola can last for up to four weeks. Preserve its quality by letting it cool completely before storing. Packing it while it's warm leads to condensation and, consequently, unnecessary moisture. Choose a clean, dry, and transparent air-tight container like a mason jar, a BPA-free vacuum-seal container, or a Ziploc bag so you can monitor your granola's quality without having to open it. Store in a cool, dark, and dry place, away from ingredients with strong odors like coffee, spices, and onions.

Freeze granola for longer-term storage

If you've made a big batch of granola, freezing it allows for longer-term storage. Follow the same steps as for storing it at room temperature, with the addition of pre-portioning the food before placing it in the freezer. That way, you don't have to thaw everything every time you need some. This will also keep you from filling a container to the brim: Granola expands as it freezes so it's best to leave some space up top. Keeping it in the freezer can preserve its flavor and quality for three months. Labeling the container with the date it was made will help you keep track of its freshness.

Instead of putting it in the microwave or thawing it with hot water, leave your pre-portioned frozen granola at room temperature. It'll be ready to eat within 10 to 15 minutes. If you find it too dry after thawing, gradually add moisture. Water is fine but for extra flavor, use a couple of teaspoons of milk or honey and mix it in well. Let your granola soak up the moisture for a few minutes before eating.

One drawback of freezing this food item is that the bits of dried fruit become tougher during storage. You can choose not to add them yet while making a fresh batch of granola. Instead, mix them in much later after you've thawed your desired portion for eating.