Finish Your Pot Roast With A Sprinkling Of Fresh, Leafy Herbs

We can all agree that the classic pot roast on its own is already as perfect and wholesome as it can be. But there's actually a small, simple trick that can take it from "great" to "perfect" — a touch of herbs! Adding leafy herbs like parsley and rosemary can infuse your roast with a vibrant flavor that you didn't even realize was missing, as well as bringing a much-needed pop of fresh, leafy green color to your caramel-toned roast.

Depending on the herb you choose, the final flavor of your roast may end up very different. Herbs like parsley and thyme will bring to the dish a refreshing, peppery taste. Rosemary and sage, on the other hand, can be used to add a cooler and mintier herbal touch. But no matter your choice, you can count on all these herbs to elevate your roast's flavor and, more importantly, aroma. As soon as you add in the herb, you'll smell the fragrance in the air, which will linger from the kitchen to your plate.

However, pay close attention to the timing when you add the herb, and don't just add them willy-nilly. Adding them too early and they'll wither and burn, leaving charred bits on your roast. Instead, either stir it in as your roast is about to be done or chop the herb and sprinkle it as a garnish. This way, you'll preserve both the color and, more importantly, the flavor and scent of the herbs.

Picking the right herb for your pot roast

Choosing the right leafy herbs for your pot roast depends on your recipe and the flavor profile you want to achieve. For traditional beef pot roasts, the Scarborough Fair combo (parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme) are all excellent choices. Parsley brings a fresh and slightly peppery flavor that cuts through the richness of the meat. Sage adds a warm depth with its savory and pine-like essence. Rosemary contributes a woody fragrance and a Mediterranean flair. Lastly, thyme offers a subtle earthiness with lemony and minty notes, complementing nicely the savoriness of the roast. See what flavor profile fits your palate the most and take your pick!

For a more global twist, you can try cilantro or basil. Cilantro's bold, citrusy profile works well in Latin-influenced pot roasts, offering a refreshing contrast to their rich, umami flavors. Basil, especially sweet basil, is perfect for Italian-inspired pot roasts, pairing beautifully with plum tomato and wine sauces.

It'll take a lot of experimenting as well as trials and errors to figure out what herb (or even herb mix!) suits your taste the best. Use robust herbs like sage sparingly to avoid overpowering the dish, while you can be a bit more generous with milder herbs like thyme. Taste as you go and adjust the herb quantities to your liking. Trust us when we say that all the time and effort spent will be worth it once you've arrived at the perfect herbed pot roast recipe!