Sear Breakfast Burritos In A Skillet For Crispy, Perfectly Sealed Wraps

Whether it's the morning after a late night, or you just need something on the go, breakfast burritos are a convenient way to get every element of the most important meal of the day in every bite. Scrambled eggs, cheese, bacon, avocado, potatoes, you name it and it can be wrapped into a tortilla and called breakfast. But, it's not a burrito if it doesn't hold everything together. An unsealed burrito is a recipe for disaster — one that includes the contents of it falling onto your lap, or worse, the train floor on your morning commute. That's what you get for not searing your burrito, though.

You may have heard of Tastee Tape, the edible tape made just for this reason. The invention even got featured on "The Tonight Show" and was on a list by "Time" magazine of best inventions in 2022 — and the responses from the public have been hilarious, to say the least. Most notable, however, were those pointing out that the solution for this issue already exists, and that it's been being perfected across Latino kitchens for some time now. All you need to do is add some oil to a pan and sear the burrito shut. Better yet, add cheese or beans between the folds for extra support.

Searing your burrito also adds a nice, browned color and crispy exterior that perfectly complements its contents. Of course, none of this will make much of a difference if you don't know how to fold a burrito.

How to roll and seal a burrito

Rolling a burrito well begins with your tortilla. Burritos are usually made with flour tortillas, the reason being that they contain gluten. The gluten in flour tortillas gives them a more elastic texture that's easier to roll and fold. But, not all flour tortillas are made equally, and to ensure you get a nice, tear-free fold and roll you'll want to get something high quality. If you don't have a locally-owned tortilleria in your area, some store-bought brands of burrito-sized, flour tortillas you can look for include the Tacombi-produced food brand Vista Hermosa, Maria and Ricardo's, Market Pantry, and Tortilla Fresca.

Once you have a quality tortilla for your burritos, you can get to rolling them. First, have all of your ingredients prepared and heat your tortilla on the stove just a touch — this will make it more pliable. Then, start layering your ingredients in the center of your tortilla, leaving enough room to fold in the sides of it. Fold in the two sides of the tortilla, and roll the bottom of the tortilla up and over the folds so it wraps around all of your ingredients. Before you roll, tuck in the filling, fold in the bottom corners, and then, finally, move your hands in a tight twisting motion until your burrito is closed. Lastly, before you take the first bite, place your burrito on a hot oiled pan, fold-side down, to sear it shut and avoid a mess.