Melted Ice Cream Is The Secret For Simple Yet Indulgent French Toast

Whoever said you shouldn't eat ice cream for breakfast never had ice cream French toast! This recipe goes against everything your mom ever told you about eating a heathy morning meal, and yet it may be the most genius food that ever passes your lips. Ice cream French toast uses melted ice cream in place of the creamy half-and-half, egg, and vanilla mixture you would normally whisk together before dipping your bread of choice into it and frying it in your griddle.

If you are a fan of simplicity then you will love that ice cream French Toast at its most basic can be made with just melted ice cream, bread and some butter to fry it in. The flavor of ice cream you melt is completely up to you. Whether it's a pint of Häagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream, Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia, or Blue Bell Ice Cream's Rocky Road, the flavor is only limited by what you have in your freezer.

If you prefer that custard-like texture that the half-and-half and egg create, you can always whisk an egg in with your melted ice cream and soak your bread in it for up to 30 seconds to achieve that rich taste and consistency; however, if you like your French toast to develop more of a crunchy crust, you will want to lightly dredge it in the mixture.

Even professional chefs do it

For the bread, you want to choose a slice that won't fall apart after being dredged or soaked in the ice cream. Challah or brioche are both excellent options. They are sturdy without being rigid and add a richness to any type of French toast. However, a 12-grain or wheat bread will work, too, and taste equally delicious with your melted ice cream.

If you choose a sorbet or a sherbet for your ice cream French toast, you will want to whip it together with an egg. This is because these types of frozen desserts contain less dairy and tend to be thinner, but you can still use them. If you are still not convinced that this version of French toast is worth a try, it may help your decision-making process to know that famed and respected chef Jacques Pépin made a version of melted ice cream French toast using plain vanilla ice cream and sandwich bread when he was just starting as a chef.