Apple Whiskey Mixed With Bubbly Is The Aperitif You Should Try

Flavored whiskeys are taking off, with apple-flavored spirits among some of the best sellers. Sales of Jack Daniels Tennessee Apple were up 51% according to a recent press release by its parent company. More distillers are also joining the bandwagon, like Proper No. Twelve, whose Irish Apple exploded on the scene this year. That's great news for sparkling cocktail lovers in particular because bright apple flavors are a natural companion for bubbly wines and mixers, bringing tart and sweet together in one delicious sip.

Apple whiskey, with its inherent sweetness and subtle fruity notes, provides a versatile base for crafting all kinds of enticing cocktails. Its natural affinity for a range of mixers and flavored syrups opens up a world of possibilities. When paired with bubbles, the result is a crisp and invigorating drink that retains the essence of earthy whiskey but is not too strong for aperitif time, when you want to keep your palate and mind sharp for the evening yet to unfold.

Bold or simple, apple whiskey sparkles

For a simple yet sophisticated option, mix apple whiskey with sparkling wine. This minimalist approach to an apple Champagne cocktail allows the sweet whiskey's character to shine. Flavored sparkling water is another easy mixer option for a lower-ABV drink, citrus and berries are both classic pairings with apple. Consider swapping Aperol for apple whiskey in your next spritz to create a refreshing beverage that's perfect for warm afternoons or as a prelude to a night out.

Experimenting with flavored sparkling mixers can further elevate your apple whiskey experience. Consider pairing it with a splash of ginger beer for a zesty apple mule or incorporating your favorite tonic water for a botanical profile. The bitterness of tonic water marries well with the sweet apple whiskey, creating a polished and slightly herbal concoction. Garnishing with a sprig of rosemary or an apple slice ties the flavors together. Cheers to the exciting fusion of apple whiskey and sparkling mixers!