Does Hyper Decanting Your Wine Actually Make It Taste Better?

If you're wondering whether hyper decanting your wine actually makes it taste better, Tasting Table is here to bring clarity through an exclusive conversation with Nick Barrango, Production Manager at Infinite Monkey Theorem. Firstly, what exactly is hyper decanting? Barrango describes it as "oxygenating wine rapidly using a blender rather than a traditional style decanter." To hyper decant wine, simply pour a bottle into a blender and give it a whirl. The blender acts as a catalyst, infusing the wine with air. In the same vein, one can pour wine into the bowl of a stand mixer with a whisk attachment, or whisk it vigorously by hand.

This technique is about speed and efficiency, contrasting with the slow, patience-demanding process of standard decanting. Through hyper decanting, you infuse your wine with oxygen much faster and rather forcefully. This results in a change in the wine's characteristics.

Is this change beneficial? Barrango notes, "Hyper decanting wine will, in fact, bring a lot of oxygen into the wine, and doing so will soften the tannins." However, he's not convinced this is the best choice to make. "Dramatically softening the tannins in this manner might enhance the aromas but result in a less structured and balanced wine," Barrango explains further. This suggests that while the aromas may become more pronounced, the overall quality of the wine could be compromised.

Feel free to hyper decant any wine, as the experience is deeply personal

The change brought on by hyper decanting is not just about the science of aerating it; it's about how these subtle shifts in flavor and aroma resonate with each person differently. Some might find the heightened aromas delightful, while others may miss the traditional structure they are accustomed to. Nick Barrango's insights reveal a fundamental truth about wine: our enjoyment of it is a deeply subjective experience. He states, "I wouldn't necessarily say that [hyper decanting] is a benefit, but maybe more of a tool to fit your personal tastes."

When asked whether hyper decanting is preferable for certain types of wine over others, Barrango clearly and succinctly answers, "No." Hyper decanting is a technique that does not discriminate. If you've got a blender handy, try it with your favorite wines and go from there. Hyper decanting presents an innovative, if unorthodox, method to enhance your wine-tasting experience, reminding us that the world of wine is ever-evolving and ripe with possibilities.