Crumbled Feta Adds Tangy Creaminess To A Bowl Of Lima Beans

Lima beans can be a bit of a tough sell. While they're a staple in Southern cuisine, they're also notorious among many for being a de facto "yuck" vegetable. Arguably, this often boils down to the way these legumes are prepared and served; they can easily become mushy, and when overcooked, their sulfurous, bitter qualities are prone to taking center stage. However, a lot of people would be surprised to hear that, when made correctly, lima beans are actually a smooth and creamy food with plenty of velvety richness.

One addition that has the capability of bringing out the lima bean's creamy texture even further is, surprisingly, feta cheese. Recipe developer Ksenia Prints contends that pan-frying lima beans in a lemon and garlic-infused olive oil mixture, followed by stirring in cubes of feta, creates a zesty, fresh balance of ingredients that play off of each other beautifully. In Prints' recipe for pan-fried lima beans with feta and lemon zest, she demonstrates just how well the brightness of lemon, the salty tanginess of feta, and the nuttiness of lima beans can elevate each other's flavors to the next level.

To prevent any mushiness or sogginess from all of the creamy textures in this recipe, frying the lima beans is going to be your best friend. By doing a quick fry, you're retaining the texture of the beans while not giving any of the moisture from the liquids time to seep in.

How to serve lima beans and feta

Because this recipe incorporates many flavors from Greek profiles, adding in other classic Greek ingredients can help liven things up even more. For example, mixing in fresh mint, dill, and olives is a great way to create a dish reminiscent of tyrosalata, a traditional Greek dip consisting of similar ingredients. Moreover, honey is another interesting addition that can brighten everything with a touch of sweetness, merge with the lemon for a citrusy and caramelized taste, and tone down any acidity at play.

As pan-fried lima beans with feta and lemon zest are such a unique side dish with many flavors, you might be wondering what exactly it can be served with. To allow the tangy creaminess of the recipe to shine, focus on serving it with other elements that lack anything creamy. Grilled meats like chicken, pork, and salmon — seasoned to your liking and topped with butter — are the perfect options for balancing the light and fresh flavors of the beans with some savory aspects.