Cold Brew Gives Your White Russian A Bolder Flavor Without Extra Booze

Cold brew is not just for your morning pick-me-up. As it turns out, it works great in a classic white Russian. This drink is traditionally made with vodka and Kahlúa — a liqueur made of rum and coffee beans — on the rocks and topped off with some heavy cream. It's a deliciously gratifying drink, but if you are a fan of that coffee flavor that the Kahlúa provides, you will love how cold brew boldly enhances the overall experience for your taste buds without adding any bitterness.

What you will love about this chilly java addition is it doesn't require any additional alcohol to produce the rich coffee flavor. To create this riff on this favorite cocktail that may have you feeling a bit of a caffeine high, you will want to do equal parts vodka, cold brew, cream, and Kahlúa. As with a good cold brew, the secret to a white Russian is to use ice that will melt slowly.

Try cold brew in other cocktails

The taste of a cold brew white Russian will still have that signature creaminess, that you know and love, but the coffee adds a punchy element that keeps you hopping. This transformed, caffeinated white Russian is perfect to sip on during a simple summer pool party with friends or to serve at a sophisticated but playful brunch. It would taste lovely along with your favorite Krispy Kreme donuts or sweet muffins and Danishes.

If you enjoy cold brew in your white Russian, be as bold as it tastes and try it in other cocktails. It is just what your Irish coffee is missing and can only make your espresso martini taste that much better. Additionally, it works well in a Negroni and can be pleasing for your tongue when added to bourbon for a warm, soothing taste. But don't forget the Baileys because once you add this to your cold brew, you might not want to drink it any other way.