18 Artichoke Recipes You'll Be Craving Over And Over Again

There's something about artichokes that feels luxurious. Sure, they can be difficult to handle at first, but once you manage to access the soft, fleshy parts of the vegetable, it's clear why so many people love them. They can add velvety texture, richness, and flavor to a meal, even though they're mild and understated. They feel like something special to add to a dish, offering a more subtle kind of luxury than, say shrimp cocktail or a big steak. Artichokes are a vegetable we wish we could eat all the time.

Well, technically, you can if you check out this list of recipes. We've compiled some of our all-time favorite artichoke-forward dishes and put them all in one place. Now, the next time you have some artichokes that you need to use up, you'll know exactly what to do with them. Let's take a closer look at these artichoke recipes you're bound to crave.

Lemony Artichoke Crostini

If you have guests coming over on a warm spring day, and you want to serve them something before you get to the main course, this lemony artichoke crostini recipe is perfect. The artichoke lends the spread a creamy consistency that's perfect for putting on bread.

Lemons and chives give this spread a bright, spring flavor, and the pine nuts bulk up the artichoke hearts. We love this dish as both a snack or an appetizer.

Recipe: Lemony Artichoke Crostini

White Spinach and Artichoke Lasagna

Although you may be used to a standard lasagna recipe made with ground meat and tomato sauce, that doesn't mean it's the only kind of lasagna you can make on pasta night. If you want to switch things up, try making this white spinach and artichoke lasagna.

This vegetarian version of lasagna highlights the sweet, nutty flavor of the artichokes and offers a lighter alternative to the classically hearty dish. We love pairing this with some garlic bread for a filling, satisfying dinner.

Recipe: White Spinach and Artichoke Lasagna

Grilled Artichokes

Sometimes, you just have to keep things simple, especially when you're working with delicious, fresh ingredients. That's certainly the case with this recipe for grilled artichokes, which calls for only four elements.

Olive oil, lemon juice, and salt is really all you need to make fresh artichokes pop, and this recipe does exactly that. Make it as a snack or a light lunch when you're not feeling particularly hungry, or use it as a side for grilled meat or seafood.

Recipe: Grilled Artichokes

Parmesan-Stuffed Artichokes

When it comes to iconic food combos, peanut butter and jelly might be the first to come to mind ─ but what about Parmesan and artichokes? These two ingredients are basically made for each other, which is why these Parmesan-stuffed artichokes are so delicious.

By combining breadcrumbs with Parmesan, you get a beautifully crispy crust that coats the leaves of the artichoke, offering a burst of flavor in every bite you take. This recipe may seem simple, but it yields an elegant, downright unforgettable side or appetizer.

Recipe: Parmesan-Stuffed Artichokes

Cheese Ravioli with Lemon-Artichoke Sauce

We love pasta of all types, but filled pasta might just be our favorite. That's why we're big fans of this cheese ravioli in lemon-artichoke sauce. The cheese filling is enticing enough, but the acidic, deeply flavorful sauce is definitely the star of the show here.

This recipe calls for making the ravioli from scratch, which can be a fun thing to do on a day when you feel like working on a cooking project. Don't forget to be very, very generous with the sauce for the best possible flavor.

Recipe: Cheese Ravioli with Lemon-Artichoke Sauce

Cheese-Stuffed Artichokes

You already have the main dish down, but what about the sides? Just because a dish isn't the centerpiece, doesn't mean you shouldn't make it a showstopper, and that's exactly why we love this recipe for cheese-stuffed artichokes. They may be simple, but they feel elevated.

Breadcrumbs and cheese add not just flavor but a bit of gooeyness and a distinct crunch. The results are creamy, texturally rich, and undeniably delicious. Make them when you really want to wow your guests ─ or just want to treat yourself.

Recipe: Cheese-Stuffed Artichokes

Slow Cooker Spinach and Artichoke Dip

Artichokes are amazing in all their forms, but one of our favorites is when they're made into a dip. This spinach and artichoke dip is a classic example of a top-notch dish that you'll want to keep digging into all night long.

This is the perfect recipe to make for when you want to get some more veggies into your diet, but still want to enjoy something that tastes creamy and decadent. Eat it with chips, crackers, or bread (or just eat it on its own ─ we won't tell anyone).

Recipe: Slow Cooker Spinach and Artichoke Dip

Veggie Antipasti Vegetarian Pasta Salad

Pasta salad may just be the best way to work more vegetables into your diet, especially during the warmer months of the year when you can take advantage of fresh spring and summer produce. If you want to make an unforgettable, quick veggie meal, try this antipasti pasta salad.

You'll get to enjoy a ton of different vegetables in this dish, but artichoke hearts play an important role in bringing all the other flavors together. If you want to make things easier on yourself, use jarred artichoke hearts to cut down on your kitchen workload.

Recipe: Veggie Antipasti Vegetarian Pasta Salad

Easy Chicken Artichoke Pasta

Chicken and artichokes go hand in hand with this simple pasta recipe. Heavy cream and Parmesan cheese also join forces to create an ultra-creamy sauce that provides the perfect foundation for the artichokes, which add a subtle depth of flavor to the finished dish. Chicken breasts provide some extra bulk and protein, keeping you feeling full for longer.

This recipe comes together in just 35 minutes, making it ideal for those week nights when you need to get dinner on the table fast. This may just become one of your new go-to recipes.

Recipe: Easy Chicken Artichoke Pasta

Buffalo Spinach-Artichoke Dip

Buffalo dip doesn't have to be basic, especially when you add in some unexpected ingredients ─ and that's what we love about this Buffalo spinach-artichoke dish. It has all the appeal of a bright, flavorful buffalo dip, with the creaminess and decadence you want from a spinach-artichoke number.

This dip is perfect for serving at parties of all types. Whether you're tailgating or hosting a holiday party, you can be sure guests will flock to this corner of the table, crackers in hand.

Recipe: Buffalo Spinach-Artichoke Dip

Artichoke Dip Toasts with Spinach Pesto

Toast may seem like a simple, unremarkable dish, but you can elevate toast into something that's truly special. That's just what's happening with these artichoke dip toasts with spinach pesto. Artichokes take center stage here, with the spinach adding in even more flavor, color, and nutrition.

Serve these toasts at your next dinner party, or just make them the next time you want a convenient dinner that's on the lighter side. This recipe feels fancy without requiring too much effort.

Recipe: Artichoke Dip Toasts with Spinach Pesto

Simple Stuffed Mushrooms

Even for those who don't usually love mushrooms, this simple stuffed mushrooms recipe is sure to become a favorite. Because these mushrooms are baked, they lose that chewy quality that turns so many people off of them. Instead, they're soft and moist, forming a bed for the filling, which is the real star of the show.

The filling of these stuffed mushrooms features artichokes, of course, along with spinach, onion, and garlic. Give it a try the next time you feel like putting something that feels a bit fancy on the table.

Recipe: Simple Stuffed Mushrooms

Greek Chicken Drumsticks and Orzo

You don't need to dirty a bunch of different pots and pans just to make a delicious dinner. All you have to do is try out this one-pot recipe for Greek chicken drumsticks and orzo. The orzo provides the base of the dish, while the chicken drumsticks take center stage.

Perhaps the best part of this recipe, though, is the addition of artichoke hearts, which provide a textural richness you can't get from any other ingredient. This combo works so well together, you're sure to come back to this simple recipe time and time again.

Recipe: Greek Chicken Drumsticks and Orzo

Grilled Veggie Pizza

Pizza comes in all different forms, but there's something about a veggie-forward pie that will always have us going back for seconds. If you're looking for a veggie recipe that will blow all the others out of the water, you have to try making this pizza.

Marinated artichoke hearts may be the most important part of this dish, but don't be afraid to really layer on the other veggies, like zucchini, eggplant, and red onion. When it all comes together, you'll have a pizza that's more colorful than a salad.

Recipe: Grilled Veggie Pizza

Shaved Raw Artichokes with Lemon, Olive Oil and Parmesan

You don't have to cook artichokes to enjoy them. In fact, you may just enjoy them even more when they're raw. If you're looking for the ideal way to prepare raw artichokes, turn to this recipe for baby artichokes with lemon, olive oil and Parmesan.

When raw, artichokes have a brighter, sharper flavor than they do when they're cooked, which makes them ideal for forming the base of a salad. Simple ingredients like lemon, olive oil, and Parmesan cheese allow them to shine.

Recipe: Shaved Raw Artichokes with Lemon, Olive Oil, and Parmesan

Sheet Pan Shrimp and Vegetables

Panzanella salad is a classic staple, particularly in summertime. But you don't have to stick with the tomato-heavy formula if you don't want to. When it's time to switch things up, give this sheet pan shrimp and vegetables recipe a try. The chewiness of the shrimp offers a nice contrast to the buttery texture of artichokes.

This dish is ideal for making on a sunny day — or just whenever you want to feel like it's a sunny day. Serve with some sort of grilled meat or tofu, or just enjoy this salad on its own for a light meal.

Recipe: Sheet Pan Shrimp and Vegetables

Spring Chicken Fricassee

We love a one-pot stew, especially on those nights when you want to get dinner on the table without resigning yourself to an hour's worth of dishes at the end of it all. That's where this recipe for spring chicken fricassee comes in. With the inclusion of artichokes and tarragon, you'll get a richly flavored, nuanced stew that you can eat with pasta, rice, or whatever else you have on hand.

It takes only an hour to throw this stew together, but it'll come out looking like you were working on it for hours. As the name implies, it's the perfect dish for a spring evening, especially if it's chilly.

Recipe: Spring Chicken Fricassee

Creamy Artichoke Hearts Gratin

You may have had potatoes au gratin before, but what about a creamy artichoke gratin? Give this recipe a try when you want to make an impressive, cheesy side dish.

This recipe calls for canned artichoke hearts, which means you don't have to actually cut up an artichoke yourself. Gruyère cheese and breadcrumbs offer a creaminess and a bit of crunch, respectively, giving the whole dish a sense of harmony. Serve as a side or as an appetizer.

Recipe: Creamy Artichoke Hearts Gratin