Gochujang Will Balance Out All The Richness In Your Breakfast Burrito

You should never mess with a good breakfast burrito unless you have a trick or ingredient that is truly going to make it better, and that's just what gochujang does for your egg, cheese, potatoes, steak, bacon, crumbled chorizo or filling of choice wrapped up nice and neat in a tortilla. Gochujang is a spicy sauce that envelops the sweet, savory, and spicy experience for your taste buds in one fell swoop.

This Korean condiment is made with red chili paste, glutinous rice, soybeans that have been fermented, a sweetener like tapioca syrup, and spices. It's a little funky smelling for the uninitiated, but that thick, sticky sauce pulls at all the flavor sensors and readily balances the taste of other ingredients it is paired with. In the same way gochujang is perfect for a Korean taco, it is perfect for your breakfast burrito. This hot sauce really completes the fatty and salty ingredients you fill your tortilla with and brings the whole meal together without overwhelming heat, making each bite more satisfying.

Use it with other egg dishes

The zingy spice, along with the sweet and salty flavors gochujang brings, doesn't have to be limited to a breakfast burrito. If your go-to morning meal is a breakfast sandwich, it can really perk up this favorite as well. It tempers the richness of the eggs, cheese, and fatty bacon or sausage. But keep in mind that similar to other hot sauces, some brands of gochujang might be a little spicier than others, so it is best to try a little bit before you add it to your burrito and adjust accordingly.

As you experiment with gochujang and grow in confidence with its use, you will find its umami taste can benefit many recipes where eggs are the star ingredient and it doesn't take a lot. Use it for poached eggs alongside a vegetable hash or add it to a little bit of egg and avocado toast for an extra punch to this anytime meal.