Make Your Glass Of Bubbly More Festive With Strawberry Roses

Slicing strawberries carefully to layer them into floral designs is sure to add a beautiful, elegant touch to the glasses of bubbles you present to your guests. Though making strawberry roses can require a bit of patience, your culinary creativity will be well appreciated by those attending your next cocktail party.

Use silicon ice molds or cupcake trays to help you line up the strawberry pieces into circular, wreath-like layers. Pour a thin layer of water over your assembled fruity designs and freeze the pieces so that when your first party guest arrives, you can place the frozen design into a glass before filling it with Champagne. Though it can take some practice to get the spiral layers of the strawberry lined up, the finished result will bring a colorful element to a basic glass of Prosecco, and guests will enjoy nibbling on the strawberry pieces after their drinks have been drained.

A crafty culinary touch of elegance

Be sure to start your rose-making projects well in advance so the pieces have plenty of time to freeze. If layering slices of strawberries seems like too much of a time-consuming chore, you can also strategically cut individual strawberries to resemble the bud of a rose. These pieces can be easily inserted into Champagne flutes, while the larger assembled strawberry roses are best placed into coupe glasses. Adding sprigs of fresh herbs like rosemary or thyme can transform a basic pour of a bubbly beverage into a glass of delicate elegance that is sure to impress.

As guests sip their drinks, the strawberry inclusion will impart a subtle flavor to the effervescent drinks served, and the pinkish hue can invite a festive flair to your parties. Similar to designs stamped on ice cubes, the extra touch of a strawberry rose can enhance a basic drink presentation to help create an evening that party-goers will appreciate.