Coupe Drinking Glasses Now Necessary Barware

Necessary barware, finally available

Coupes are used in bars these days with as much frequency as Collins or Old-Fashioned glasses, if not more.

But finding a source to buy proper home-drinking coupes has been the boozy equivalent of filing an insurance claim–that is to say, head-bangingly frustrating.

There were really only two options: Buy the glasses in a restaurant-size bulk order and split between friends, or cull a hodgepodge of one-off sizes and styles, collected from eBay and antique stores.

For those seeking that simple set of six ($36), there's now a better way, thanks to the barware gurus at Cocktail Kingdom.

Their Leopold coupes are designed to cocktail-bar standards–sleek, durable (meaning you can load them in the dishwasher), and holding a volume of 7½ ounces.

The best part: They are geared toward professional bartenders and home enthusiasts alike. Buy them in a six-pack by request, or order them by the case.

You may now cease your head-banging and start drinking in style.