Give Your White Russian New Life With A Splash Of Peppermint Schnapps

To celebrate festive seasons — or simply on days you could use an extra pick-me-up — turn classic white Russian cocktail recipes into jolly yet punchy sippers. Adding even a dash of peppermint schnapps to your mix of vodka, Kahlua, and cream can invite a refreshing taste of seasonal joy to your glass. The creamy, milky cocktail brightens with the splash of peppermint booze, and the smooth drink can set the tone for a warm evening wrapping presents or listening to your favorite holiday playlists.

While some drinkers might scoff at the sweet recipe and liken the cocktail to an alcoholic milkshake, including peppermint schnapps adds depth to the flavor profile of the nostalgic drink to create a perfect serving option for winter dinner parties and cocktail hours. Garnished with peppermint sticks or rims of crushed candy, you may want to anoint yourself as one of Santa's helpers for adult crowds.

Bringing a playful touch to a classic cocktail

Those who have tried peppermint-flavored coffee drinks may become quick fans of this boozy drink, as the creamy, coffee-flavored recipe offers just enough booze and sweetness to keep an evening interesting. Plus, with only a few ingredients needed to make the drink, this cocktail is easy to whip up and serve to guests. Party hosts can set out various liquids — including dairy-free creams — for guests to make the drink for themselves, or as a hosting alternative, make batches in advance to store in the fridge until the first reveler arrives. 

For DIY drink stations, leave a shallow dish filled with crushed peppermint sticks for guests to garnish glass rims and set out peppermint sticks to be placed into drinks as sweet drink stirrers. Mint and rosemary can also add a colorful touch to drinks. These peppermint-enhanced cocktails can be served over ice or straight up, prompting even the most Grinchiest among your friends to raise a glass to the holidays.