The Tip For Getting A Bonus Taco Every Time You Eat Nachos

The only thing better than easy-baked nachos are the leftover nacho bits you can transform into a taco – and we know the secret if you want to enjoy every last chip, olive, tomato, onion, crunchy pieces of shredded chicken, crumbled beef, jalapeños, or whatever else you put on your nachos. Before you begin constructing your nachos, place street taco-sized tortillas on the baking sheet, and then pile your chips, cheese, and toppings on top of them. When you reach the last nacho, the tortillas will be there to cradle any lovely remnants, so nothing goes to waste.

This hack is especially handy if you prefer a thin, crunchy chip that tends to buckle under the weight of nacho toppings. The tortilla will absorb all of the flavors of the greasy elements of this dish, as well as the crunchy chips that broke when you tried to pick them up. Add a dollop of leftover sour cream or a smidge of guac, and you've got yourself a second meal.

Experiment with the cheese

Of course, you may be wondering how it can be a taco when there isn't any cheese. There is a simple fix for that. Sprinkle some shredded cheese onto the tortillas before you add the chips. The melted cheese will not only get bubbly and gooey, but it also helps to trap all those fallen toppings as you nosh on your nachos. This party pleaser will leave your guests truly satiated.

The tortillas are more than a catchall for the toppings, they really serve as a base layer that allows for some creativity as well as a way to ensure those lonely chips at the bottom of the nacho pile that never get see a shred of melted cheese get some cheesy love, too. Use your favorite sharp cheddar, a little Monterey Jack, Jack Pepper, or Colby for this bottom layer. It will be a nice contrast to the classic Queso Fresco you use to melt on top of the chips. Just don't be afraid to experiment a little until you find the right combination.