Upgrade The Classic BLT With A Filet Of Baked Salmon

A BLT is a classic for a reason, but classic dishes are also the perfect jumping-off point to customize a recipe to fit your tastebuds. If you're looking for a way to add some texture, protein, and flavor to your next BLT sandwich, try sticking a salmon filet in the middle. You may think it's unnecessary at first to add in an extra protein when you've already got the bacon involved, but the fish brings what these crispy strips can't. Salmon is softer, flakier, and thicker than salmon, and it will turn your lunch from a regular sandwich into a heartier dish more like a fish burger.

Plus, baked salmon is incredibly easy to make and cooks up quickly, so you're not going to much extra effort here to upgrade your BLT. And the fish will fit in pretty seamlessly with all your other ingredients, so you're not changing up the flavor of the sandwich entirely. Salmon burgers are typically served with ingredients like lettuce and tomato — and fish and creamy sauces like mayo have long been a match made in heaven.

How to make a BLT with baked salmon

As we mentioned, it couldn't be easier to incorporate a salmon filet into your BLT. Unless you're making a host of these sandwiches, you'll want to start with a somewhat skinny filet, as it needs to fit between your bread. But you have a few different options here — you can use a hoagie roll and try to fit the entire filet on one BLT, or you can use sourdough, ciabatta, white bread, wheat bread, or croissants and cut off any of your cooked fish that doesn't quite fit. To bake your salmon, simply coat it with olive oil, salt, and pepper, and stick it in the oven on a baking sheet. If your filets come with the skin on, you may want to remove it ahead of time, so that your fish has the same texture throughout going into your sandwiches. You'll likely also want to keep the seasonings simple at this step, as there will be more flavor elements involved later on.

Since we know that lemon works beautifully on fish, you can try making a lemon aioli to spread on your sandwiches instead of the basic mayo. All it takes is mayonnaise, lemon juice, garlic, salt, pepper, and potentially a little herbs mixed in. When it comes time to assemble your BLT, add your fish filet on last, and top everything off with your last slice of aioli-covered bread.