Serendipity3's Original Frrrozen Hot Chocolate Features 14 Types Of Chocolate

Serendipity3's Frrrozen Hot Chocolate secret recipe of 14 exotic cocoas, blended and served in a whipped-cream-topped goblet, has attracted visitors from all over the world. The New York City establishment has been serving up decadent desserts like Serendipity3 boozy floats for nearly seven decades. Yet, the eatery is tight-lipped about what exactly goes into the recipe to make the beloved treat. "Our Frrrozen Hot Chocolates are iconic and have become a New York City staple for locals and tourists alike to come in and try since we opened almost 70 years ago," Creative Director and Chef Joe Calderone gushed to Tasting Table. "We also just celebrated the milestone of the 30 millionth Frrrozen Hot Chocolate served!"

Frrrozen Hot Chocolate was added to the menu early on in the restaurant's existence. The oxymoron of an idea — serving hot chocolate as a cold dish — became an instant hit. The idea was so popular that Jackie Kennedy asked for the recipe but even she was denied the secret ingredients. Since then, stars like Oprah Winfrey have visited the store to learn how to make the dessert. (Skeptics have wondered whether she got the accurate information, however, pointing out that the dry mix that is now sold by the restaurant contains different ingredients.) Although we may never be sure what exactly goes into Serendipity3's renowned dessert, visitors to the store can spoon into an overflowing goblet of a creamy, chocolatey ice cream mixture that shows no restraint when it comes to whipped cream topping. 

Dessert for every preference

Though the idea of hot chocolate blended with ice might sound like a classic chocolate milkshake, the Frrrozen Hot Chocolate served at Serendipity3 delivers a flavor profile that is closer to a hot chocolate order. The luxuriously smooth and creamy dish is sure to curb any sweet tooth. Eager to please customers, the establishment also serves up a vegan version, an equally satisfying treat that also remains a secret for curious culinary enthusiasts. What we do know is that similar to the original Frrrozen Hot Chocolate, the Vegan Frrrozen Hot Chocolate recipes contain a mix of cocoa powders and powdered sugar. The dairy-free alternative includes coconut cream, coconut milk whipped cream, and toasted coconut flakes as the dessert's garnish. Visitors to the restaurant can also experience additional flavors such as peanut butter, mint, hot salted caramel, S'mores, birthday cake, white chocolate, and Fruity Pebbles.

For those eager to replicate a chocolate dessert at home, Calderone helpfully provides an alternative. Calderone showed Fox News Magazine how to blend liquid whole and powered dry milk, sugar, different cocoas, and ice. That mixture goes into a goblet with whipped cream and your choice of chocolate sprinkles and shavings. You can also find a slurry of copycat recipes from various food bloggers and at-home chefs online. You don't need to travel to New York to nurse chocolate cravings.