Create Bite-Sized Latkes With The Help Of Your Muffin Tin

Up your hosting game for Hanukkah by making an abundant amount of perfect, bite-sized latkes with ease. The best part is you probably have the secret tool for mastering this hack hiding right in your kitchen. Using a muffin tin helps you create a uniform, bite-size latke shape that takes a hands-off cooking approach.

This hack is incredibly easy to use, simply make your favorite classic latke recipe as normal. Then, when it comes time to cook your potato pancakes, add a spoonful of your potato mixture to a muffin tin greased with oil. Oil is a key part of the history of latkes, and should avoid being substituted for butter. Next, bake the latkes at 425 degrees for 40 to 50 minutes, or until your latkes are crispy and golden brown. Finally, you can top your latkes with sour cream, apple sauce, or whatever else you enjoy. These bite-sized versions are the perfect party side dish or just a fun twist on a traditional Hanukkah classic.

Tips for getting the crispiest bite-sized latkes

One of the most important tips for making any kind of latkes is to thoroughly wring out your shredded potato and onion mixture before cooking. You can do this by placing your mixture into a cheesecloth and squeezing out any additional moisture. This lets your latkes get nice and crisp while cooking and prevents a soggy bottom. For an easier time greasing your pan, you can opt to use a sprayable olive oil to easily coat your tin.

When filling your muffin tin with your latkes, be cautious not to overfill your trays or you'll have a harder time getting a crispy bite. Depending on the size of your pans you'll want to start with a tablespoon of potato and work your way up from that. You're looking to get about an inch or two of thickness across your latkes so you can get an even bake.