Avocado Dip Is The Best Ranch Swap For Cooling Down Buffalo Wings

The debate between those who dip their chicken wings in blue cheese and those who prefer ranch is a fiery one — but what if there was an option C? One of the reasons we love eating wings with these dips is that the dairy they contain cools down our mouths amidst the spicy Buffalo sauce. This occurs because dairy contains casein, a protein that dulls spice on our tastebuds. But if you want a blue cheese or ranch alternative that tastes a little lighter and fresher, yet still tempers the spiciness of hot wings, try an avocado dip instead.

Avocado and chicken wings may sound a little crazy, but hear us out. Pairing the fruit with Buffalo sauce isn't unheard of, and you may have already seen the combo in wraps, sandwiches, and avocado toast. When blended up into dip form, avocados create a creamy, buttery consistency, perfect for balancing out the tang of vinegary wings — and you can still add in plenty of tasty flavorings to your sauce that will make it as crave-worthy as ranch or blue cheese. If you want that casein in there as well, make sure to incorporate a thick, creamy dairy ingredient into your mashed avocado dip.

How to make an avocado dip to pair with Buffalo wings

Feeling resistant to the idea of dipping your wings in an avocado sauce? There are plenty of ways to customize it to fit your palate. For starters, feel free to pulverize the fruit to the consistency you prefer. If you typically like a chunkier blue cheese dip, just use a fork to mash up the avocado and fold in your other ingredients. But if you generally like a smoother ranch dressing, throw everything into the blender. For an even smoother consistency, puree your avocado in a food processor, then pour it in a bowl to stir in everything else.

If you want that dairy element in your dip, pick your favorite ingredient; options include sour cream, Greek yogurt, tzatziki, whipped feta, cream cheese, and labneh. Vegans or anyone just trying to stay away from dairy can opt for unsweetened coconut milk, vegan cream cheese, or cashew sour cream, although most of these won't contain casein. Avocados are creamy enough on their own, however, that you can just blend them with seasonings if you don't want an additional thickening agent. Once you have your base narrowed down, feel free to add in lemon juice, lime juice, apple cider vinegar, cilantro, garlic, dill, mint, parsley, diced or pickled jalapeños, or hot sauce, and get to dipping those wings.