How To Reheat Beef Wellington And Keep The Pastry Crispy

Making beef wellington from scratch is an intricate process of searing tenderloin, making mushroom duxelles, carefully wrapping it in puff pastry, and then finally finishing it in the oven without burning the top or overcooking the inside. With all that effort, you need to know how to reheat any leftovers properly, especially to ensure the pastry remains crispy. So, to reheat the beef wellington effortlessly every time, turn to your oven instead of a microwave or air fryer. 

Since you originally finished cooking the beef wellington in the oven, it's best to go back to the source. If you use a microwave, it might be quicker but you risk the puff pastry turning soggy or the beef coming out tough or dry. Also keep in mind that you should only reheat the amount of beef wellington you plan to eat, because the textures and flavors decrease if it's reheated multiple times. If you only need a portion of the leftovers, slice and reheat the appropriate amount of wellington and store the rest in the fridge.

Reheating beef wellington the right way

After you decide if you want to reheat the beef wellington sliced or whole, it's time to preheat the oven. Your oven should be set somewhere between 250 degrees Fahrenheit and 300 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure the leftovers are reheated — and not overcooked. Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil or parchment paper so it doesn't stick to the pan (and it makes cleaning easier). Place the desired amount of beef wellington on the lined baking sheet and loosely cover with aluminum foil, which ensures the puff pastry gets crispy without burning.

How long should the leftover beef wellington stay in the oven? That depends on if you're heating up a slice or the entire piece. For a slice, it should be ready in about 15 to 20 minutes depending on thickness, while the whole wellington can take up to 40 minutes, based on its size. It should reach an internal temperature of around 130 degrees Fahrenheit for medium rare. No matter how much you're reheating in the oven, remember to remove the aluminum foil a few minutes before it's ready to ensure the puff pastry gets crispy rather than just warmed. It will be ready to eat when the center of the beef is warm to the touch and the crust is crisp.