Dehydrate Carrots In The Oven For A Crunchy Instant Ramen Topping

We often dive into a bowl of instant ramen during lunchtime or when late-night cravings hit, but sometimes, something feels amiss, like a bit of crunch or a vibrant pop of color. This is where dehydrated carrots come into play, adding a crunchy texture and vibrancy to your instant ramen.  

Dehydrating carrots in the oven is a simple way to extend the shelf life of your carrots, preserve their nutrients and sweetness, and keep their vibrant orange hue. Once dehydrated, carrots are also easy to store, taking up less storage space than their fresh and fully hydrated counterparts. To dehydrate carrots easily in the oven, first, wash and peel your carrots and trim off the ends and tops. Then, depending on your preference, you can shred, cube, or slice the carrots into coins. 

Boil the carrots for two minutes, then dunk them in iced water. This quick blanching of the carrots will help them retain their bright orange color post-dehydration and make it faster to rehydrate them later. Then, line a baking sheet with parchment paper and transfer the prepared carrots to the baking sheet, laying them out on a single layer, each with some space to allow for airflow in the oven. Bake the carrots at 125 degrees Fahrenheit until fully dehydrated, wrinkly, dry, and easy to snap, for 8 to 12 hours. And there you have it, perfectly oven-dehydrated carrots, ready to use as an instant ramen topping. 

The versatility of oven dehydrated carrots beyond instant ramen toppings

Since you'll be adding the dehydrated carrot directly to the steaming broth of your instant ramen, there's really no need to rehydrate them in advance. The heat and moisture of the broth will naturally soften them. The same goes for adding the dehydrated carrots directly into soups and stews. However, for other uses, like to make drier dishes like fried rice, you would want to rehydrate these carrots first. Just soak them in boiling water for about 15 minutes, and they're ready to be incorporated into any dish. 

The process is relatively straightforward if you're wondering how to store leftover dehydrated carrots. Just transfer them to airtight containers. Properly sealed and stored in a cool, dark space, these dehydrated carrots remain shelf-stable for up to a year. Keep them as a reliable staple in your pantry for all your toppings and cooking needs. Simple to prepare, quick to rehydrate, effortless to store, and adaptable in a multitude of recipes, oven-dehydrated carrots are an essential and valuable addition to any kitchen.