Mix Ricotta With Potato For A Lighter Croquette

Potato croquettes sure make for one delicious snack. After all, who doesn't love just about any potato product, especially one that's fried? However, the one downside to croquettes is that they can feel a bit heavy, which is something you may not want for a dish that is typically served as an appetizer. This is why Tasting Table's surprisingly light cheese and herb croquettes are made with a mix of ricotta cheese and potatoes to make the croquette base (the filling within the fried breading).

Recipe developer Tanika Douglas explained, "Traditionally, croquettes are made using only potato, which at times can produce a heavier result. Combining the ricotta with the fluffy potato assists in creating a croquette that is moist, moreish, and light." Plus, Douglas recommends using Russet potatoes, specifically, because they have a lighter texture than other potatoes and they bind well to the ricotta. In addition to the ricotta, which is mixed into the grated potatoes, the croquettes also have a mozzarella stuffing. Despite having two types of cheeses, the croquettes are still able to maintain their lightness thanks to the texture of the Russet potatoes and the ricotta.

Light and refreshing sauces to serve with the light croquettes

Of course, you'll need a light and refreshing sauce to go with these light and fluffy croquettes. The Tasting Table recipe pairs up the croquettes with a mayonnaise-based dip containing lemon, herbs, and capers — which is certainly a refreshing option thanks in large part to the citrusy brightness of the lemon. To make the dip even less heavy (even though it's already quite light), you can opt to use light mayo instead of regular mayo.

The croquettes would also pair exceptionally well with a classic tzatziki sauce, which is always a light and fresh dipping option because of its Greek yogurt base. Or, you could opt for a homemade chimichurri sauce, which is full of fresh ingredients such as cilantro, parsley, olive oil, and lime juice. Chimichurri sauce is so versatile that it makes a great addition to a number of recipes, including a batch of homemade croquettes.