Ferrero Rocher's Sold-Out Holiday Hosting Kits Return By Popular Demand

Ferrero Rocher has always felt like the "fancy" candy at the checkout counter, and its holiday kits only reinforce that reputation. The chocolate makers certainly have a way with hazelnuts — this is the company that created Nutella after all — but now the company is taking that crowd pleasing taste to a higher level. The mix of crunch from the hazelnuts and wafer combined with the creamy chocolate hazelnut filling is as memorable as its iconic and sophisticated gold wrapper. Ferrero has been embracing that feeling full-on this year, releasing a Golden Hosting Kit of luxury table decorations back at the beginning of November. The kit proved so popular that it quickly sold out, but it's coming back for a second round as we enter the December holiday season.

Ferrero Rocher's Golden Hosting Kit was created in collaboration with rent-to-table service Table + Teaspoon, according to a press release sent to Tasting Table. The company says the kit of utensils, plates, candlesticks, décor, and napkins "includes everything you need for a chocolate-gold touch at your holiday dinner." And since everything is rented, once you are done with your kit you just send the dirty dishes and leftover décor right back to where they came from with no hassle. The kits will be available starting December 5 on Table + Teaspoon's site, and are limited to eight place settings per order due to high demand.

Ferrero Rocher's Golden Hosting Kit will help you host a chocolate-themed celebration

Based on Ferrero Rocher's famous shimmering gold color scheme, the Golden Hosting Kits are free to rent but only available on a first come, first served basis. In addition to plates and utensils, each kit includes wine and water glasses, gold napkins, gold-lined place cards, and even menu cards to guide guests through your perfect holiday feast. The décor includes candles, gold candle holders, and a gold-lined table runner. There are also some nice Ferrero items that you'll get to hold onto as keepsakes to remember your event. These include a gold pen, extra candles, two 4.5-inch candle holders, and gold favor boxes. And, of course, every kit comes with a Ferrero Rocher pyramid display containing 16 of the Italian chocolate hazelnut treats, and some additional ones for the favor boxes.

Table + Teaspoon won't stop at sending you the kit and taking care of the cleanup either. It has also put up a holiday hosting guide for anyone to access, regardless of whether you get your hands on one of the coveted Hosting Kits. If that inspires you, the company has plenty of other kits in its rotation for hosting your holiday gathering. Considering how much cooking you may want to do for your family this year, it's always nice to take one task off the table.