Ossiano Dubai Is A Michelin-Starred Restaurant That Places Diners Underwater

Lovers of all things aquatic can appreciate the dramatic setting of dining in Dubai's Ossiano, a restaurant that must be accessed by stairs leading downwards to dining tables surrounded by marine life. The restaurant is part of the five-starred resort Atlantis, The Palm, a sprawling, luxurious campus that houses a waterpark, spa, arcades, bars, and bowling alleys. In this setting, the serenity of Ossiano becomes that much more impactful. 

At Ossiano, windows don't look out over horizons but instead peer into aquariums, inviting diners to observe sharks, fish, and stingrays floating about as elaborate, meticulously plated dishes are placed onto white linen tablecloths. The dramatic experience and reliably creative dishes have earned the establishment Michelin recognition. Such accolades are in no small part due to the efforts of Chef Grégoire Berger, who seeks to create an unforgettable visit for each guest by using storytelling and prime ingredients to amplify each course.

Dishes are tools for culinary storytelling

Ossiano's dishes are not simply presentations. "Everything must provoke emotions," Chef Grégoire Berger explained to The National News. The multiple courses that are offered borrow aspects from Berger's upbringing in the northwest of France, and menu options carry stories. Candles are made from white-chocolate-dipped foie gras, and a mold made from Berger's hands is the setting for leeks layered with clams and yuzu jelly. 

Cheesecake is tucked into what looks like a chocolate-dusted truffle, while dessert brings flavors of caramel, chocolate, and malty buckwheat to palates, and treasure boxes open to reveal burnt pages that can be scooped into. Along with plating that is sure to surprise and delight guests, diners can be led to different areas of the restaurant for tasting experiences — like gulping a peppery non-alcoholic shot before biting into a lemon wedge garnish that is made from sorbet. 

The tasting menu evolves so it would be possible to visit Ossiano several times and experience new dishes from the chef. Though the magical dining adventure isn't cheap — a tasting menu can set visitors back around $245 with wine pairing an extra $150 – such an experience is guaranteed to lead to lasting memories, just as Berger has intended.