Fill Crumpets With Jam And Fry Them For A Sweet Twist On Breakfast

English muffins have long reigned supreme in America as the most popular spongy, yeast-leavened breakfast bread. But thanks to TikTok, a common British bread is increasing its stock in grocery stores and markets around the U.S. The crumpet — most famous in Britain for breakfast and afternoon tea — is similar to an English muffin, except crumpets are made with milk, no yeast, and toasted only on one side. The texture is less bread-like than an English muffin, making for a chewier consistency.

While crumpets are typically toasted and topped with jam, TikTokers have been garnering tons of attention for videos detailing the hearty breakfast food being cut open, filled with jam, dipped in an egg mixture of milk, cinnamon, and vanilla, and fried on the stove for a French toast-style take. The result is a sweet and sugary cross between classic French toast and a crispy jelly doughnut — two standalones that merge together here to create something entirely new.

You might bump into some trouble when it comes to hunting down crumpets at your local grocery store in the States, but you'll be glad to hear that more and more markets like Whole Foods and Publix are starting to carry them. What's more, it's extremely simple finding them at online retailers such as Amazon, so you don't have to spend too much time drooling over TikTok videos before getting to try this trick out for yourself.

The variations on stuffed and fried crumpets are endless

Arguably, the best part of the stuffed and fried crumpet trend is perhaps just how customizable they are. Not a fan of jam? Try a sweet cream cheese-filled version for a cinnamon roll-inspired fried crumpet. Make a cream cheese mixture, adding in vanilla, cinnamon, butter, and powdered sugar, and gently pipe it into the fried crumpet with a piping bag or a freezer bag with the corner tip cut off. You can spoon even more cream cheese mixture on top for a decadent treat.

You might also want to try using nut or cookie butters as a filling. In fact, you can use both jam and nut butter by cutting the crumpet in half and cutting out circles in the center of each half. Fill one side with jam and the other with peanut, almond, cookie butter, etc. Now, place them back together, dip in the egg mixture, and fry. Don't be afraid to get creative with various toppings like fresh fruit, caramel and chocolate sauce, maple syrup, chocolate chips, nuts — you name it. Since the crumpet is such a versatile bread, there are not many ways this breakfast confection can get messed up.