Give Meringue A Delicious Upgrade With Freeze Dried Fruit

Meringue is a delectable combination of sugar and egg whites that gets whipped until the incorporated air has made it fluffy and white like a cloud. You have often seen it on top of desserts, like this classic lemon meringue pie, or baked into crispy, domed cookies. While meringue is quite pretty, it lacks much taste beyond being sweet. In order to change this, we recommend adding freeze dried fruit to your meringue to maximize its flavor and create a show-stopping dessert.

Freeze dried fruit should be a pantry staple. It has undergone a process in which it has been flash-frozen with the water removed. This process transforms the fruit into a lightweight and crunchy version of the fresh produce. The fruit retains most of its color and has a concentrated flavor, making it an aesthetically pleasing and tasty addition to many dishes. It is a perfect fit for meringue as its lightness will allow the fruit to remain suspended in the whipped topping rather than sinking, which can happen with denser ingredients, like fresh fruit. The resulting mixture is a meringue dotted with pops of bright color and surprising texture, along with a boost of fruity flavor.

The best fruit and meringue combinations

Which freeze dried fruits you choose to add to your meringue depends on what visual and flavor effect you are hoping to achieve. For example, blueberries are a great choice when paired with classic meringue, as their dark color contrasts with the light meringue beautifully. Their mild flavor is also able to come through in this mixture. On the other hand, a chocolate meringue needs a stronger fruit flavor in order to compete with the existing cocoa taste, so a tart strawberry or raspberry may be a better choice.

You can use fruit-studded meringue the same way you would use a classic meringue. It becomes a stunning topper for any pie or tart, and it is also a great way to add color to desserts like mousse or pudding that would otherwise be lacking in color. Of course, you can also bake it the way you would when making meringue cookies for a crunchy treat that looks right at home at a sophisticated party. Don't be afraid to get creative and enjoy it how you best prefer.