Roast Artichoke Hearts For A Crispy Snack Or Side

Artichoke hearts may be a popular addition to a charcuterie or antipasto spread, but they deserve so much more than that. Conveniently packed and ready to eat, artichoke hearts have a unique blend of lightly sweet, tangy, and earthy flavors that liven up any plate they're added to. However, they are usually just an addition to a recipe. They can bring a bite to spinach and artichoke dip or brightness to pasta dishes and casseroles, like creamy artichoke gratin, yet they rarely get to stand out. The few times they do, it's usually as a soft, mushy compliment to cheeses and meats on bread or crackers. The reality is that artichoke hearts can do more, and all you have to do is roast them.

Because they're already edible straight from the jar, roasting artichoke hearts may not seem necessary, but the result is pretty amazing. Those tender, meaty veggie hunks will take on a beautiful, golden brown crisp all around the edges while still staying creamy on the inside for a great textural contrast that makes them endlessly snackable. Coming from a jar, marinated artichoke hearts are the best because they will already have plenty of flavor and need almost nothing else. The browning won't just add some crunch but also caramelize the exterior for a more complex and satisfying taste. There aren't many sides that are this easy and this good.

Roasted artichoke hearts are a delicious and easy accompaniment to meat, grains, and dips

When roasting, stick to the jarred or canned artichokes, as they are just as flavorful as fresh and way, way more convenient. Besides that, all you need to flavor them is a little olive oil, salt, and pepper. Make sure they are patted as dry as possible before you season and cook them, as excess moisture will prevent them from browning. If you want to mix it up, there are a few basic additions that can add some extra dimension to your artichokes. Grated or minced garlic is always welcome, chopped herbs can bring some freshness, and parmesan will add a nice nutty, umami flavor. You can also sprinkle the artichoke hearts with breadcrumbs to add extra texture and crunch.

Roasted artichoke hearts are good enough to be eaten by themselves as an appetizer or light meal, maybe with a little bit of crusty bread on the side. They also make a great complement to Mediterranean meat dishes like lamb or lemony roasted chicken. If you want to go a vegetarian route, they are meaty enough to pair with other roasted vegetables like asparagus, cauliflower, or potatoes and still make a satisfying dinner. The possibilities are endless, and your appetite for these crispy flavor bombs will be too.