Dubai's Award-Winning Galaxy Bar Serves Patrons Under The Stars

Visiting Dubai's Galaxy Bar isn't just about enjoying cocktails beneath a canopy of stars. The décor borrows inspiration from Greek architecture to offer a dreamy Instagrammable space that fuses modern accents of blue velvet and suede with a spirit of antiquity. Twinkling stars and planets project onto the vaulted ceiling above revelers browsing menus of Greek dishes and creative cocktails. 

What's more impressive is that the space that Galaxy Bar now occupies was once used as restaurant storage, but thanks to restauranteur Natasha Sideris, visitors would never know. Sideris drew on her Greek and South African roots to design an environment that would invite partygoers to not only linger but feel inspired. Her vision has since paid off, as the bar — which opened in 2019 — has become a fixture on The World's 50 Best Bars list, and bartenders reliably pour cocktails that keep well-dressed patrons coming back for more. 

The establishment has partnered with House of Metaxa, distributor of the unique blend of Muscat wine, wine distillates, and Mediterranean botanicals that has cemented itself as a distinctively Greek spirit. The amber concoction is used in several of the recipes bartenders slide across Galaxy Bar's sleek surfaces, but if you're not sure what you're thirsty for, team members provide suggestions based on your palate preferences — or, you can use your phone to capture some of the projected constellations overhead. The stars will then direct you to specific drink orders.

Drinks that dreams are made of

The drink menu at Galaxy Bar carries the celestial theme into cocktail form, with beverages referencing constellations and ethereal concepts. Visitors can choose from an Andromeda, a bubbly purple cocktail made with gin, butterfly pea flower tea, basil, and cordial; or try A Whole New World, an elegant drink made with single-barrel rye whiskey, Amaro di Angostura, hibiscus vermouth, black cardamon, and cinnamon essence poured into a coupe glass. 

The Rocket Man, one of the bar's signature cocktails, presents Michter's bourbon, pumpkin, and coconut peanut bitters over ice, while Shroomami offers a milky, earthy tipple that delivers an umami-forward experience of mezcal, mushrooms, plum cordial, soy, and whey. The Cloud 9, meanwhile, combines Venezuelan rum, banana, cacao bitter, tea, vanilla, whey, and lotus for a creamy delight.

Guests in Dubai looking for classy sophistication are well served at Galaxy Bar. As the evening carries on, DJs turn up beats and keep music pumping at a reasonable volume for those forgoing sleep during their visit. Make reservations in advance if you're planning on stopping by and want a seat, though. This intimate speakeasy only seats 50 — and understandably gets busy.